The visionary leaders behind
Fraternity operations

tri delta is governed by an executive board
elected every two years

The Executive Board oversees all Fraternity operations. The Executive Board is structured to ensure that all viewpoints are considered in decision making and is devoted to making sure the Fraternity is positioned to be a viable organization long into the future.

The Executive Board is accountable for everything the organization is, everything it does and everything it achieves. The women who make up the Executive Board are called to exercise their responsibilities primarily by asking good and timely questions and having strategic conversations to position Tri Delta for success today and in the future.

tri delta fraternity president
Phyllis Durbin Grissom

Phyllis earned a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Southern Methodist University and holds a Master of Education in counseling and higher education from the University of North Texas. As an alumna, Phyllis has served as a field consultant, chapter advisor, extension team member and National Panhellenic Alternate Delegate. During her term of service as Tri Delta’s President, Phyllis has proven to be an enthusiastic and effective ambassador for Tri Delta.

foundation board of trustees

dedicated to assisting members in every possible way

Led by the Delta Delta Delta Foundation Board of Trustees, the Foundation is dedicated to serving the ever-changing needs of the Fraternity, and to fulfilling Tri Delta’s Purpose to “assist its members in every possible way.”

national house corporation board

mapping NHC’s strategic direction

The Board of Directors of National House Corporation (NHC) is responsible for mapping NHC’s strategic direction and implementing action throughout the year.

member development committee

dedicated to serving ever-changing needs

Appointed by the Executive Board the Member Development Committee empowers Delta Delta Delta to inspire every member to live, learn and lead with purpose.

leadership development committee

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is responsible for evaluating and cultivating Fraternity leaders for service in elected and appointed positions. Tri Delta’s LDC is composed of eight alumnae members, who are slated by the previous LDC and elected by the Convention body each biennium. Throughout the biennium, the committee develops slates for the Executive Board, National House Corporation Board, Foundation Board of Trustees, and the succeeding LDC.

This committee’s main goal is to help all Tri Delta women grow as leaders, and while collegiate leadership positions are traditionally filled through sisters nominating other sisters to fulfill certain roles within the chapter, the LDC encourages Tri Deltas to nominate themselves. Nominate yourself or a sister to become a leader in Tri Delta.