Emblems and Symbols

"So many have asked me how I ever happened to think of the many things that dovetailed so beautifully into the symbolism of Delta Delta Delta. As a matter of fact, they did not just 'happen.' They were there, ready for use, even as the gold hidden in the California ranges."    Sarah Ida Shaw, Founder


The colors of Tri Delta are silver, gold and cerulean blue. Green is also a significant color for it symbolizes the union of the three colors.

Coat of Arms

crest_ds.pngThe coat of arms consists of a shield quartered, first and fourth quarters in blue on each of which is a silver trident, second and third gold on each of which is a green pine tree.
Above the shield, the crest, consisting of a torse with six folds alternating gold and blue, from which rises a white, gold and blue pansy.

Below the shield the open motto, "Let us steadfastly love one another," is inscribed in Greek on a scroll. 

Greek Letters

DDD_ds.pngUsing the Greek alphabet the name Delta Delta Delta is depicted above. The Greek letter Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and is commonly seen as an isosceles triangle.

The Pearl

The pearl is the jewel of Tri Delta.
It was chosen to symbolize the new member, because it is the one jewel that grows, developing from a tiny grain of sand into a thing of great value and beauty.

The Pine

The pine tree is a symbol of Tri Delta's collegiate members because it represents growth and lofty aspirations.

The Pansy

The pansy is Tri Delta's flower. It is a symbol of alumnae membership and the third step in the lifetime development of Delta Delta Delta's members.

The dolphin

The dolphin is recognized as an additional symbol of importance as it was considered to be a good omen by the ancient Greeks. It symbolizes rebirth, friendship and leadership. In Tri Delta, the dolphin is symbolic of clear skies and smooth sailing and has special significance for Fraternity leaders.


The patron Greek divinity of Tri Delta is Poseidon, god of the sea and one of the three rulers of the universe.