"The most conspicuous thing about a fraternity girl in the eyes of a curious neighbor is the pin." Sarah Ida Shaw Martin, Tri Delta's Founder.


newmember.pngNew Member Pin
The new member pin is worn prior to Initiation. It is a green and silver enamel badge and was described in the 1888 constitution as an "inverted Delta, surrounded by three Deltas"

The Trident

The trident is the symbol of the first degree of Initiation. The trident and its degree of Initiation administered as the new member service until 1912. The silver trident is returned prior to Initiation into the Stars and Crescent degree. A gold trident may be worn as a badge guard.

The Stars and Crescentbadge.png
Three golden stars, crown set with pearls, within a gold crescent of three hundred degree bearing three deltas in black enamel is the official badge of the Fraternity. Tri Delta initiates receive a Stars and Crescent Badge with her initials, the Greek letters of her chapter, and her chapter Initiation number engraved on the back. The badge belongs to Tri Delta and is lent to each member during her lifetime or as long as she remains a member.



Executive Board Badge
The Executive Board badge is a Stars and Crescent badge set with emeralds in place of pearls. The badge design is based on the first badge of Gamma Chapter at Adrian, which belonged to Bessie Leach Priddy. This badge is larger than the standard badge and has engraving on the crescent. The green of the emeralds represents the union of the three colors. Each new Executive Board member is given one of these special badges to wear for the rest of her life.
Field Consultant Badge
For many years, the women who served Tri Delta as field consultants borrowed antique badges from the Fraternity vault to be used throughout her travels. Over time, the irreplacable badges were lost, and it was deemed necessary that a special badge be created. The field consultant badge is larger than the standard badge, has an engraving on the crescent, and the stars are set with aquamarines. 

Silver Circle Pin
DDD25year charm.pngIntroduced at the 2004 Convention,  the Silver Circle pin was designed by Tri Delta's official jeweler, Herff Jones, Legacy Division. The pin is silver and features the anniversary number engraved on the stars and crescent design.

This pin may be purchased and worn by members who have reached the 25-year anniversary of their Initiation into Delta Delta Delta. The pin may also be given to 25-year members as a gift.

Golden Circle Pin 
DDD50year pin.pngIntroduced at the 1962 Convention, where it was given to the Golden Circle members in attendance, this pin was originally designed by Sarah Ida Shaw for the Circle Degree of Initiation.

Consisting of a delta in white enamel supporting on its sides three deltas of gold and inscribed in a golden circle surrounded by six spherical triangles in blue enamel, the Golden Circle pin celebrates the 50th anniversary of a Tri Delta's Initiation into Delta Delta Delta. The pins may be purchased by a 50-year member or given to members as a gift. 

Diamond Circle Pin  

DDD75year pin and charm.pngThe Diamond Circle Pin honors Tri Deltas who have reached the 75th anniversary of their Initiation. The Diamond Circle Pin shares its design with the Golden Circle Pin, but has a diamond chip in the center.

Members who have reached the 75th anniversary of their Initiation have the privilege of buying the pin or receiving them as gifts.  Introduced in 1996, the first Diamond Circle pin was presented to Mary K. Wise Jensen, Butler, past Fraternity President.

To purchase milestone jewelry, contact Tri Delta's official jeweler, Herff Jones, Legacy Division or call their toll-free number (800) 542-3728.