Our Founders

Sarah Ida Shaw and Eleanor Dorcas Pond from the beginnings of Alpha Chapter included their two senior classmates, Isabel Morgan Breed and Florence Isabelle Stewart, as "founders." Therefore, the Fraternity has always recognized the four seniors as Founders of Delta Delta Delta.


sisyoung.jpgSarah Ida Shaw
The inspirational force behind the founding of Tri Delta was Sarah Ida Shaw. Sarah was one of the best students in the class of 1889 at Boston University, and her academic excellence was recognized by Phi Beta Kappa. All three of the women's societies (sororities) on campus had invited her to join, but she declined their invitations due to her family responsibilities and active personal life, as well as a preconceived notion that secret societies were foolish. However, she came to realize that a fraternity could fill a great need for young women living away from home and their network of family and friends. This realization led her to start Tri Delta.  Tri Delta owes to her the beauty of the Rituals and the knowledge that commitment to an ideal greater than ourselves can bring a new dimension into our lives.

edp1.jpgEleanor Dorcas Pond
Eleanor Dorcas Pond was valedictorian of her high school class and was awarded a scholarship to Boston University. A person of high intellectual ability, she was also a fun-loving but practical young woman, a perfect complement to Sarah Ida Shaw's visionary personality. It was she who suggested the name be a triple letter, and she also influenced the development of the Ritual, badge, emblems and Constitution.

fis1.jpgFlorence Isabelle Stewart
Florence Isabelle Stewart was the youngest child of a village doctor who was in his 80s when she entered Boston University. Because the family had little money, it was difficult for Flora to remain in school. During her first years she commuted from Medway with her high school friend, Nellie Pond. Flora was an excellent student and salutatorian of her high school class. Her intelligence was matched by her beauty. She served as Grand Secretary from 1889-1893, but was inactive in the Fraternity after this time.

imb.jpgIsabel Morgan Breed
Isabel came from Lynn, Massachusetts. She had refused sorority bids because deep religious convictions made her question being a part of a selective organization. After learning of the Christian principles and aims of Tri Delta, she consented to become a member. Her activity in Tri Delta is limited to serving as Grand Treasurer from 1889-1893, but her interest was unabated, and in her quiet and orderly life she reflected great credit upon the Fraternity.