Our Structure

Delta Delta Delta  was envisioned as a national organization for, and governed by, women.  Tri Delta today reflects both the vision of our founders and best practices of non-profit management.



The first and original organization is Delta Delta Delta Fraternity.  Officially designated as a fraternity, and more commonly called a sorority, Tri Delta is governed by an Executive Board elected by the membership every two years.

Delta Delta Delta Foundation

In 1986, the Delta Delta Delta Foundation was established by Convention Resolution as the tax-exempt fund-raising partner of the Fraternity. Lead by the Delta Delta Delta Foundation Board of Trustees, the Foundation is dedicated to serving the ever-changing needs of the Fraternity, and to fulfilling Tri Delta's Purpose to "assist its members in every possible way." 

National House Corporation

Five years later, the Delta Delta Delta National House Corporation was incorporated in 1991 for the purpose of holding property titles, collecting income and submitting net income to the Fraternity. This not-for-profit corporation is managed by the National House Corporation Board of Directors.

The Center for Living, Learning & Leading

Most recently, Tri Delta established a new 501(c) 3 organization, The Center for Living, Learning & Leading.  The Center's primary purpose is the funding of Tri Delta's collegiate living environments and developing innovative educational and leadership initiatives to ensure a safe, rewarding and relevant sorority experience for future generations of Tri Delta members. The Center is governed by a Board of Directors.