Special Badges

Executive Board Badge

The Executive Board badge is a Stars and Crescent badge set with emeralds in place of pearls. The badge design is based on the first badge of Gamma Chapter at Adrian, which belonged to Bessie Leach Priddy. This badge is larger than the standard badge and has engraving on the crescent. The green of the emeralds represents the union of the three colors.

Each new Executive Board member is given one of these special badges to wear for the rest of her life. Following her term, each board member receives a matching emerald Trident badge guard.

Field Consultant Badge

FCbadge1.pngFor many years, the women who served Tri Delta as field consultants borrowed antique badges from the Fraternity vault to be used throughout her travels. Over time, the irreplaceable badges were lost, and it was deemed necessary that a special badge be created. The field consultant badge is larger than the standard badge, has an engraving on the crescent, and the stars are set with aquamarines. (read more)

 The stone in the stars of this badge was once found its home in the troves of mermaids, a gift from Poseidon. The gem was stolen by sailors, to bring good fortune to their travels and engraved with the Poseidon's chariot for great levels of protection. The aquamarine is also known for bestowing the wearer with enhanced communication, safe travels and the gift of service.

National House Corporation Board Badge
The National House Corporation badge uses the same Stars and Crescent design as the Executive Board, with sapphires in place of emeralds.

The sapphire is known as a symbol of truth, sincerely and faithfulness.

Board of Directors for The Center for Living, Learning & Leading

The board members for The Center for Living, Learning & Leading represent a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds and thus are not all members of Tri Delta. To honor these volunteers, it was decided that a charm would be an appropriate token of their dedication.

The Center's charm is a circular disk, inscribed with the Stars and Crescent from the official logo of the Fraternity. The stars are set with yellow gemstones. (read more)

The gemstone was selected for its golden color, evoking the Ritual. The wearing of the color gold is symbolic of enhanced wisdom, clarity and self-esteem. As The Center is home for our education programming these underlying messages are endued by the wearers of this charm.
foundation trustee badge

The Foundation Trustee badge uses the same Stars and Crescent design as the Executive Board, with amethysts in place of emeralds.

The amethyst symbolizes piety, humility, sincerity, and wisdom. Its color, purple or lavender, is associated with an increase in imagination and inspiration.