Distinguished Deltas

= Women of Achievement Award Winner
Molly Sims Arizona
Supermodel, Actor
Elizabeth Banks Pennsylvania
Doris Kearns Goodwin Colby
Writer, Historian
Sara Blakely Florida State
Inventor, Entrepreneur
Katie Couric Virginia
Journalist, Author, News Anchor
Hoda Kotb Virginia Tech
News Anchor
Peyton Wright Lambton Tennessee
TV Personality
Vinta Nair Northwestern
Journalist, News Anchor
Meryl Davis Michigan
Olympic Ice Dancer, Gold Medalist
Elizabeth Hanford Dole Duke
Politician, Former Senator
Leeza Gibbons South Carolina
Talk Show Host
Dr. Madeleine Wing Adler Northwestern
Former University President
Nellie Brill Connally Texas
Former First Lady of Texas
Muffy Davis Stanford
Paralympic Cyclist, Sit-Skier, Mountain Climber
Heidi Uhrig Guest California/Davis
Senior Director, philosophy
Deborah Norville Georgia
Journalist, Television Anchor
Tri Delta proudly recognizes our alumnae members who have demonstrated achievement and leadership in their volunteer, philanthropic, civic or professional pursuits.
Jodie Benson Millikin
Catherine Crier Texas
Journalist, Author, Former Texas Judge
Joan Didion California/Berkeley
Kiran Chetry Maryland
Annika Dries Stanford
Olympic Gold Medalist, Water Polo
Helen Froelich Holt Northwestern
Politician, Former Secretary of State of West Virginia
Jill Marie Landis California State/Long Beach
Amanda Schull Indiana
Actor, Ballet Dancer
Donna Axum Whitworth Arkansas
Miss America 1964, Philanthropist