Support for Tri Delta Colonies and Chapters

Tri Delta is committed to supporting our new and existing chapters during all phases of chapter development.  Fraternity volunteers and Tri Delta staff members provide this support to ensure our chapters have an empowering and meaningful lifetime membership experience. 


The following section is a brief outline of the outstanding support given to our new chapters and also outlines several aspects of our ongoing support for established chapters.

Field Consultant:  A recent graduate who is intensively trained for a one-year commitment to assist Tri Delta chapters.  A Field Consultant visits each chapter at least once per year to review all aspects of sound chapter management.

Stationary Field Consultant:  Field consultants who work extensively to welcome new Tri Delta chapters to our sisterhood.  Although field consultants normally travel to collegiate chapters across the country, the specially-trained stationary field consultant provides continual support to a new chapter for at least one year, with continued full- or part-time support for the second year.

Advisory Team:  A core group of up to six specially-trained alumnae who live in the area and work with the chapter on a consistent and ongoing basis.

Collegiate District Officer: Alumna volunteer who supervises overall operation of two to three collegiate chapters in her district.  The collegiate district officer directly supports the chapter advisory team and serves as a liaison between her chapters and Fraternity volunteers and Tri Delta's Executive Office.

Collegiate Chapter Coordinators: Alumna volunteer who manages the team of volunteers assigned to chapters in her region.  She also supports collegiate district officers of her region and works closely with our Fraternity officers.

Fraternity Specialists:  These alumnae volulnteers assist chapters in their region according to their specialty in four different areas:  Recruitment, Finances, Housing, and Panhellenic relations.

New Chapter Development Coordinator:  Tri Delta has one full-time staff member at Executive Office who works exclusively with chapters in their first five years.  This staff member devotes her time to ensuring the growth and development of the new chapter.

Financial Support:  All colonization, field consultant, chapter visitor, recruitment, leadership training and installation expenses for new chapters are funded by the Fraternity.  The Fraternity provides each new chapter a start up balance to assist them with their chapter costs.

Advisor Training:  The advisory team for a new chapter receives a weekend of training from a Tri Delta advisor trainer to help the new advisors learn how to promote the success of a new chapter.

Faculty Advisor:  A university professor or campus professional who serves as the chapter's mentor and educational resource.  This person does not need to be a member of Tri Delta.

Executive Office Staff:  Collegiate chapters are assisted by professional staff members at Tri Delta's Executive Office.  

House Corporation:  A group of area alumnae who work to locate, furnish and maintain a chapter facility.

Fraternity Officers:  Executive Board members are available to provide direct assistance with special projects or visits to chapters when needed.