Field Consultants

The purpose of the Field Consultant program is train Tri Deltas to serve as management consultants for the Fraternity and support 138 collegiate chapters.


Field Consultants (FCs) work with chapters to enhance existing programming, facilitate workshops and serve as a valuable resource.  They train chapters in recruitment and chapter management and also help in the development of new chapters.  Our consultants bring enthusiasm and encouragement to our collegiate chapters.

What does a FC do?

  • Consult with officers, advisors, volunteers and university administrators to identify collegiate chapter needs and provide recommendations for chapter development and Fraternity support.
  • Facilitate workshops and leadership training sessions for alumnae and collegiate chapter members.
  • Advise and assist with membership recruitment.
  • Attend international and regional conferences, as opportunities are available
  • Participate in extension presentations or new chapter installations, as opportunities are available.