Field Consultant Testimonials

Women who have served Tri Delta as Field Consultants have many positive things to say about their experience.


"The year I spent as a Field Consultant was one of the most meaningful years of my life. There is nothing like going to bed at night after an exhausting days work knowing I was making a difference in the lives of collegiate women, volunteers, and the Fraternity. It allowed me to grow personally through self-sacrifice for others, but perhaps the gift that I am most grateful for is the friendships I was given with the other consultants. They are the models of the woman I strive to be, and some of my closest friends today. I am thankful every day to Tri Delta for them."

 Christie Yerks, Virginia Tech, Field Consultant 2006-2007

"Serving Tri Delta as a Field Consultant was life changing for me.  First, it gave me the opportunity to learn about myself, develop leadership and interpersonal skills I have used throughout my adult life, and travel to see so many interesting campuses and places throughout the United States. But, more importantly, it gave me the opportunity to learn more about our Fraternity and the wonderful collegians and alumnae who comprise our membership.  These experiences have led to my lifelong involvement with Tri Delta and I truly could not imagine my life without my DDD friends and experiences.  There is so much more to Tri Delta membership than the friendships we develop in our collegiate chapters, and serving as a Field Consultant helped me to understand the depth and the breadth of what Delta Delta Delta has to offer each of us. 

Michelle Popp Shimberg, Florida, Field Consultant 1984-1985, Fraternity President 2004-2008

"The Field Consultant experience taught me more about myself as a professional and as a person than I ever thought I could learn in just one year. Fifty+ flights and over 30 presentations later, I feel more independent and confident in my career and in live. When I think of the missed flights, difficult Standards meetings, the few hours of sleep I got, and the number of nights I missed home more than anything - I'll admit that even tying the world's prettiest bow around this experience will not make it glamorous. With this experience also came great memories! I was given the opportunity to travel the county, help chapters get through tough times, meet thousands of my fellow sisters and even help start a brand new chapter. Most of all I cherish the relationships I have formed with my fellow FC's on this journey. I would not trade this experience for anything in the world." 

Allison Lakey, Millikin, Field Consultant 2009-2010