Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is responsible for evaluating and cultivating Fraternity leaders for service in elected and appointed positions. 


Throughout the biennium, the LDC works to cultivate future leaders, evaluate current leaders and educate the membership about the LDC process. The LDC's main goal is to help all Tri Delta women grow as leaders, and while collegiate leadership positions are traditionally filled through sisters nominating other sisters to fulfill certain roles within the chapter, the LDC encourages Tri Deltas to nominate themselves.  The LDC works to present a slate for election to the:

The LDC also welcomes referrals from members who want to nominate another member for a position. The LDC depends on feedback from the general membership, and member participation is the key to successfully identifying the Fraternity's future leaders. Members of the LDC are always available for discussion and encourage Tri Deltas to reach out to them to engage in dialog regarding current and potential leadership.

If you are a collegiate member who will not be graduating before May 2016, and are interested in joining the 2014-16 LDC as one of our two collegiate representatives, we welcome your application by Friday, March 13, 2015.

If you are interested in serving Tri Delta in a leadership capacity, please fill out a leadership profile. If you would like to nominate an exceptional sister, submit a leadership referral form.


Part I - Getting to Know the LDC
This webinar will introduce you to the 10 women who make up the LDC, the four leadership groups that the committee currently slates, and Tri Delta's overall leadership cultivation process and timeline. Whether you're already familiar with the LDC or are learning about the committee for the first time, this session will provide a comprehensive overview. 

Part 2 - Being a Tri Delta Leader
It's safe to say that there's no single definition of the word "leader," and this is especially true in Tri Delta, as we know that the many talents, skills and experiences of our members make our Fraternity the leading organization it is today. To strategically support our members' continued growth and development, the Leadership Development Committee has identified various leadership competencies (you also can think of them as "strengths") that it seeks to cultivate in current and future Fraternity leaders. Join us for part two of this webinar series to:

  • Learn about the origin of Tri Delta's leadership competency model
  • Get a brief overview of the competencies Tri Delta seeks - and seeks to cultivate - in her leaders
  • Understand what resources are available to support your continued growth and development as a Tri Delta leader
  • Ask any questions you may have about Tri Delta's leadership competency model

To access this webinar, please email the LDC at LDC@trideltaeo.org.

The Leadership Development Committee

Kristi Anderson Horner, Chair
Dana Wallace Bekurs
Elizabeth Howard DiMartino
Ellen Baker Jurewicz
Allison Lackey
Jessica Vaughan Lower
Linda Wolf McLinden
Jennifer Porter Pawelek
Jane Schmit


E-mail LDC@trideltaeo.org