Membership for a Lifetime

The beauty about membership within Tri Delta is that it is for a lifetime. Have your collegiate years come to an end and you want to stay plugged in with Tri Delta? Then you should check into a local alumnae chapter in your area. Currently, Tri Delta has 270 alumnae chapters. Each chapter will offer a fun unique experience as you continue your lifetime journey with the organization. Alumnae chapters host philanthropy events, social gatherings and support local collegiate chapters throughout the year. They offer leadership opportunities just as your collegiate experience did. If you have not checked to see if there is a local alumnae chapter near you CLICK HERE to find out.

Listen to what some of our alumnae shared about their lifetime journey:

Sandra Holman.JPGLife has taken me too many different locations--I have moved about 16 times--In each location I would find a Tri Delta alumnae group and instantly find a connection--even in England--how delightful--and comforting-- to find a DDD sister in the school parking lot!! In my job as a flight attendant, I often found sisters as passengers as well as fellow crew members--There IS a bond--have no doubt.

-Sandra Holman, Iowa State

Linda Juba.jpgI feel so blessed to have a fifty-four year relationship with Tri Delta Fraternity and the women who have been part of my life through the years. Upon graduating and marrying my husband and I move to Oklahoma City and I immediately joined the Tri Delta Alumnae Chapter. Then it was back to Texas where I joined the Richardson Alumnae Chapter where I became a part of an incredible vibrant, fun alumnae chapter.  This led me to leadership roles within Tri Delta and also the opportunity to become a District Chairman over 25 Alumnae Chapters in Texas. This opportunity led me to know Tri Delta's across the country, attend two Leadership Schools at Purdue University, attend two National Conventions (including the 1988 Celebration honoring the founding of Tri Delta). My family referred to this time away and with Tri Delta's as "Tri Delta Heaven". The women from my collegiate years at the Phi Eta Chapter have remained extremely close through the years. We have frequent reunions (the most recent was held in July in Ruidoso) and celebrated with each group our Golden Circle Ceremonies in Lubbock. Once again the alumnae who were our advisers were there to honor this special time. So to sum up the years, the Tri Delta friendships have been Silver, Gold, and Blue. Sarah Ida Shaw and our Founders must be smiling at us as we have fulfilled the friendships they must have envisioned 123 years ago. Tri Delta is not a four year experience. It is yours for a lifetime and can be found from coast to coast. 

-Linda Juba, Texas Tech

Gloria Rowell.JPGTri Delta presents a lifelong connection to special women.  As an active Tri Delta alumna, my adulthood has been enriched through women from all walks of life, all ages, many diverse interests, and yet common bonds which time cannot diminish...we are all Tri Deltas, and part of a fraternity with purpose and foundation that reflect the essence of virtue and excellence.  As an alumna, the opportunity to continue to serve, to contribute, to grow, and to share wonderful friendships is ongoing.

-Gloria Rowell, Miami/Ohio

Ashley.jpgUpon graduating college I was not sure where my life would take me. All of my pledge sisters were going in different directions now that our collegiate experience was coming to an end. I had no idea the impact that Tri Delta would have in my life once I found myself settled with a job in the DFW area. The Richardson North Dallas Alumnae Chapter was there for me with their arms wide opened. Here was a group of Tri Deltas that I did not know, each of them came various parts of the country, and none of them were my age. It did not take me long to realize that this did not matter. They showed me that when I made the decision to join Tri Delta that there would be sisters to support me no matter what stage of life I was in or where I decided to plant my roots.
My friendships within the chapter grew very strong very fast. I found that the connection I was having with my new found sisters was even stronger than the relationships I had with some of the women I pledged with. My collegiate experience is something that will always be very special to me but looking forward I am so excited about the journey I still have and the memories I still get to make with other Tri Deltas that I meet along the way. My relationship with Tri Delta has only been for 12 years thus far, but my journey is truly just beginning. My arms will also be wide open for each new Tri Delta I meant along the way!

-Ashley Coleman, Stephen F. Austin

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