Beta Omicron Chapter Raises $36,810 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

IL State.JPG
The Beta Omicron Chapter at Illinois State, focused its yearly efforts on getting more of the campus involved in supporting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  In the fall semester, the members held their second annual Delta Dolphin Dive at a local water park.  In the spring semester, the chapter hosted its Sincerely Yours letter-writing campaign and opened it up to the entire campus and community.  Their efforts really paid off, as more than $12,000 and brought in by encouraging fellow students and staff to support St. Jude.

Rebecca Latham, 2012 philanthropy chairman was so proud of her chapter's success this past year.  "Our chapter feels that it is important to support St. Jude because our Fraternity made a commitment to help those children.  Committing to Tri Delta is committing to St. Jude," Rebecca shared.  "Our women want to help spread the word to raise more awareness and raise more money for St. Jude."

The chapter has had numerous member spend their own time and money to drive down to Memphis together to tour the hospital.  "Being at the hospital is truly an amazing experience," Latham added.  "To see all of the ways Tri Delta has made an impact, makes us want to do even more for those kids."

"We think that Tri Delta's passion and dedication to St. Jude really stands out.  No matter what chapter or area of the country you are from, every Tri Delta sister has a passion to help those kids at St. Jude," Rebecca said.

Congratulations to Beta Omicron for making a difference and leading the way to support St. Jude!