Celebrate Tri Delta's St. Jude Month!

March is Tri Delta's St. Jude month, and we have so much to celebrate!


On Feb. 1, Tri Delta officially announced the completion of our $15 million fundraising goal for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The original campaign, which began in July 2010, was to raise $15 million in 5 years for the hospital. Tri Delta completed the goal a year and a half ahead of schedule.


As a Tri Delta member, take pride in knowing that we are having a significant impact on the kids at St. Jude. We have raised more than $27 million since our partnership began in 1999!


Be sure you stay connected and get engaged through social media during St. Jude month. Use#TriDelta4StJude to join the conversation! (Not yet connected with Tri Delta via Facebook & Twitter? Do so today!) Make sure you take some time this month to spread the word about our love for St. Jude. Sign up here to dedicate a social media post to our campaign.


Here's to celebrating our "perpetual bond of friendship" with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!