Founders' Day 2013: Tri Delta Celebrates 125 Years of Sisterhood


You can download a copy of the Founders' Day Proclamation here.

This written message delivered by the Fraternity President on Founders' Day is a Tri Delta tradition. In sharing this message with you, I join Fraternity Presidents who have come before me in celebrating the past and dreaming about the future of our Fraternity. The list of Tri Delta accomplishments is a mile long complete with record-breaking membership numbers, strong recruitment performance and award-winning initiatives in all areas of the Fraternity's concern. It is a great time to be a Tri Delta! But on this 125th Founders' Day, will you join me in thinking about our sisterhood in a different way?


When was the last time you let a friend express a sincere compliment to you? In what ways have you allowed a sister to show friendship or kindness? In your journey to live a life according to Tri Delta's values, have you paused to give someone else a chance to show her courtesy or good temper? The practice of our sisterhood's treasured virtues: friendship, generosity, kindness, patience, good temper, courtesy, modesty, sincerity and purity, requires that there be sister or friend who is willing to be the gracious recipient of these acts of love. Whose generosity will you accept next week when you peek into your wallet and find you don't have money for the cup of coffee you just ordered? Perhaps you have a sister whose patience you will test when you forget to return the book or blouse that you borrowed?


On Founders' Day we honor the architects of the Fraternity. We pay tribute to their efforts to shape a meaningful Purpose, design the Stars and Crescent Badge and create our Ritual. We pause to admire their commitment to seek a college education at a time when women were not welcome on most college campuses. These women were visionaries in the women's fraternal movement and they remain Tri Delta's most luminous figures. But first of all and perhaps best of all, they were friends.


Tri Delta remains vibrant because the friendships forged by our Founders have developed into the perpetual bond of friendship that we treasure today. It is with gratitude that I open my heart to accept the support, friendship and love you share with Tri Delta on this Founders' Day. It is my hope that you too will open your heart to a sister and allow her to share her gifts with you. When you allow Tri Delta love to enter your heart, you ensure our perpetual bond of friendship continues for generations to come!


In the bonds,


Phyllis Durbin Grissom, Southern Methodist
Fraternity President