The 411 on Greek Licensing

All of Tri Delta's emblems are owned and a protected trademark by the Fraternity. It is written in the Bylaws of Delta Delta Delta that it is prohibited to manufacture or sell these emblems without the approval of the Executive Office. As owner of these various trademarks, Delta Shop, in conjunction with Affinity Marketing Consultants, Inc., works to ensure that all vendors are producing socially responsible products. We DO NOT approve any products that attempt to glorify alcohol, hazing, racism, sexism or any other image or design that is offensive or hurtful to others.  If any chapters are using unlicensed vendors, please direct them to our list of approved Greek Licensed vendors at, and please notify Delta Shop immediately. All licensed vendors use the "Official Licensed Product" seal on their websites and merchandise.  Help protect Delta Delta Delta's trademarks and check for the Seal before you buy.

Designing a perfect shirt for your chapter event sounds easy: Pick the design, print the shirts, pay the bill. Unfortunately, the process is slightly more complicated. All licensed vendors have a contractual obligation to abide by the branding guidelines set forth by Delta Delta Delta. Then those vendors must submit their designs for approval to Affinity Marketing Consultants, Inc. (AMC).  If there is a question about the integrity of the design, AMC will forward it to the Director of Merchandise at Executive Office. Designs sent to Executive Office for approval will be denied if they include any of these three characteristics:
  1. Sexual innuendos
  2. Alcohol and/or drug references
  3. Manipulation of Delta Delta Delta insignia
Although it may seem like it, the Fraternity and Executive Office are not trying to diminish your fun. It is possible to have a great time and adhere to the Delta Delta Delta brand and standards. If you are having a problem developing a design or a theme you think would be approved, please contact Delta Shop at  

Why is licensing important?

  • Licensing ensures high quality, good service and a positive image.
  • Without protection of our trademarks we run the risk of losing control and ownership of our marks. 
  • Licensed products portray the best image to all of Tri Delta's publics. 
  • The licensing program protects the history and heritage of Tri Delta's trademark. 
  • You may be the only Tri Delta someone ever sees or meets.
Click here for more information about licensing and to download a Greek License Application. 

For more information please contact Delta Shop at

You can also visit for a list of approved vendors.