Information Regarding Theft of Stars and Crescent Badges

On Feb. 27, during a routine inventory of a secure storage area, an Executive Office staff member noticed that a significant number of Stars and Crescent badges were missing. Local police were notified and began an investigation. On March 12, Arlington police arrested an employee and her husband in connection with the theft. The employee is not a member of Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. Her employment has been terminated.

The badges which were stolen were being stored at Executive Office following the deaths of the members which they had belonged to. This practice is in accordance with the Bylaws of Delta Delta Delta. Since the initial discovery, two years' worth of badges that had been returned to Executive Office by women who either resigned from the Fraternity or whose membership was terminated have also been found to be missing, as well as badges for newly initiated members of as many as eight collegiate chapters. Standard procedure is for new badges to be sent directly from Herff Jones, the Fraternity's official jeweler, to the collegiate chapter that ordered the badges. This procedure was not followed. Reorders for all missing badges for new members have already been placed.

Following the arrest of the employee and her husband, Arlington police conducted a search of their residence in an attempt to recover missing badges. This search uncovered part of an order of new badges intended for one collegiate Tri Delta chapter. It is unlikely any other badges will be recovered. The loss has been documented for insurance purposes.

Executive Office has custody of several antique badges and other pieces of heirloom jewelry which were owned by Delta Delta Delta Founders and other early members of the Fraternity. These historical pieces are secure and were not among those badges that are missing.

Following the theft, Executive Office conducted an immediate review of internal procedures. Strengthened security measures and dual controls are being put into place regarding access to our buildings and the location of badges and heirloom jewelry.

We understand that this matter is of utmost concern to our members. Providing you with accurate information regarding this situation is our highest priority. Updates concerning this matter will be posted here as they become available. We thank you for your cooperation and support as we remain focused on the investigation. If you have any questions about this matter, please direct inquiries to Holly Thompson.