In the Land of the Delta Blues

The Summer 2013 Trident features the story of Shelby Anderson, Texas Christian, and Dr. Zsila Sadighi, Texas A&M, who met when they both began working for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Watch the video below to see them discuss friendship in Tri Delta after college, their love of St. Jude, and the importance of alumnae involvement.

An excerpt from The Trident is below:

Both Zsila and Shelby, who moved to Memphis within a week of one another, separately reached out to the Tri Delta Memphis Alumnae Chapter to help them feel more at home in their new community.

Zsila initially got in touch with the Tri Delta alumnae when she was in Memphis for her two-month fellowship rotation. Even though she was staying with family friends at the time, she wanted to connect with other sisters. When she decided to make the move permanent, having those connections eased the transition. "Most of the friends I have in Memphis, I have through the alumnae group," she says.

Then, when Shelby sent her information to the alumnae during her first week in Memphis, they immediately put her in touch with Zsila. Shelby recalls: "I had sent my information to the alumnae group and within 30 minutes I had an email back introducing me to Zsila."

Within an hour the two Tri Deltas had set up a friend "blind date." The women went out for drinks and after two sips decided to get dinner. They sat for a couple of hours and talked — about their families in Texas (both of their mothers live in Austin), about Tri Delta and about their similar paths that intersected at St. Jude. 

It was an instant connection between the women who had much in common that they may not have discovered had it not been for Tri Delta. Now, the two have become close friends and have begun to explore the town and get to know their new home together. They've also been able to get involved in the Memphis Alumnae Chapter and the local Delta Psi Chapter at Rhodes College. Recognizing the role Tri Delta played in helping them both adjust to their new lives in Memphis, Shelby and Zsila have also started reaching out to other
Tri Deltas who are new to the city. For both women, moving away from their homes in Texas was made easier by having a built-in support group through Tri Delta.
"The sole reason why I made the transition, and why it's been so easy, has been because of the Tri Delta connection," admits Shelby. "And Tri Delta introduced me to someone who is now my dearest friend here."

Be sure to read The Trident for the whole story!