Lilly Lover

Katherine at formal.jpgEarlier this year, Katherine Blake, Wake Forest, was selected as a Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Brand Ambassador. Along with ambassadors from the 13 other Panhellenic organizations that are included in the Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Collection, Katherine works to promote the products and facilitate group orders. Here, she tells us about her experience with the brand.

Why were you interested in this opportunity with Lilly Pulitzer?
I was interested in this because the Lilly brand and Tri Delta are two things that I love very much. My mother dressed my sisters and me in Lilly Pulitzer when we were little girls for parties, family gatherings and everyday outfits. As I grew older and developed my own style, I still gravitated toward Lilly's fun prints and classic tailoring. Tri Delta has been the most significant part of my college experience at Wake Forest University. In the last four years my Tri Delta sisters have become my best friends. Tri Delta has also bonded me closer to my oldest friends from home, who also chose to become sisters of Tri Delta at their respective colleges. When I first was made aware of the Greek Ambassador Program I wanted the opportunity to combine two of the things I value the most.
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How do you work with the other Lilly Pulitzer sorority ambassadors?

We work as a team to promote the Sorority Collection from Lilly Pulitzer as a whole. We each promote our respective sorority lines, but all follow one another's specific Twitter accounts and promote the Panhellenic community. We have never met before since we all go to different schools and are in different sororities but we have a private Facebook group where we can post questions and bounce ideas off of each other. 

How do you think this experience will help you in the future?

I think this experience has taught me the importance of networking, especially long distance when much of that communication requires multiple emails, phone calls, etc. This position has sharpened my interpersonal, organizational and project management skills, and for that I am very grateful.

How can sisters apply to be part of the program in the future?
New Tri Delta Sorority Merchandise for Lilly.jpg
The process for application for the Greek Ambassador Team for 2013-2014 is still to be determined. If you want to be the next Tri Delta Sorority Representative for Lilly Pulitzer regularly check the Lilly Pulitzer Facebook page and blog, "The Juice Stand" in this coming spring and summer for more information.

You can follow Katherine at @DDDLillyRep.