A Mom Away From Mom

In honor of Mother's Day, the spring issue of The Trident will feature three heartwarming stories of three chapter houses' most beloved residents — the House Mothers. Here is one exert in which Field Consultant Michelle Patrick, Millikin, reflects on how important Phyllis Wilson is to Delta Epsilon. Be sure to read more House Mom stories in the upcoming Trident.  

As young women begin their college careers there are many obstacles to face. This transition from high school student to collegian can be daunting. One of the many benefits to joining Tri Delta is the family away from home. There you have an instant connection, people to call when you have a bad day, friends to go get late night study food with and sisters to sit with you through a bad break up. In addition to these things, there is also another unique relationship that can be made: with the chapter's housemother. When you have a question about what to do when you have a fever, to show off your new shoe purchase or to talk about boy problems, she will be there. When I think of my experience in Delta Epsilon I think of my relationships with my sisters, but I also think about how comforting and wonderful it was to have Phyllis there for me.

When I first came to Millikin University, I was desperately seeking connections.  Although I got along with the girls on my floor, I was looking for something else; a family away from home and a house away from my home. Nothing could be more poetic then when I finally got my bid to Tri Delta in January of 2008, and the members said to me, "welcome home!" Phyllis our house mom was integral component of how Delta Epsilon soon became my home.

Phyllis is pivotal to the successful operation of our chapter. With her kind heart, open ears, the patience of a loving mother and her humor, she truly lives out Tri Delta's Purpose in "assisting its members in every possible way." When she wasn't chatting with Delta Epsilon's members about her latest shoe purchase or checking on sick members, she was buying us snacks for the kitchen or getting ready to stand by the door in recruitment. Without her, our chapter would not be where it is today.

Three years ago, after so many years of commitment and love, Delta Epsilon wanted to find a way to show its gratitude.  Unanimously, we as a chapter decided to provide her and our house cook Delrene, with Delta Delta Delta's letters. The chapter held a special candle ceremony where we blew out the candles for Phyllis and Delrene and presented them with their very own, well deserved lavalieres. It was a small token of our gratitude for all their unselfish friendship, love and support.