Members Say Thank You to Chapter Advisors

In honor of National Panhellenic Conference's Advisor Appreciation Month in April, we asked our collegiate members what makestheir advisors so special. Below are just a few of the nominations we received for outstanding advisors — our members love their volunteers!


Shannon Kennedy, Ottawa, is the alumna advisor for her own chapter. She was nominated by both Jennifer Lau and Jordan Cendrowski. In their nominations, both Jennifer and Jordan praised Shannon for going above and beyond for their chapter. Jordan said about Shannon, "She is the woman you can call in the middle of the night to vent to, and she will undoubtedly be there. She is the one to laugh with over coffee, and she is the one who will remind you what it means to be wearing your letters at all times."


Dionne Schley, Idaho, is the alumna advisor for Gamma Lambda Chapter. She was nominated by Pallavi Johary, Gamma Lambda's collegiate chapter president. In her nomination, Pallavi cited Dionne's attendance at nearly all of Gamma Lambda's events without even being asked. Additionally, Dionne makes a point of checking in with every officer, always encouraging them to ask questions. Finally, Pallavi said of her advisor, "Gamma Lambda chapter would be nothing without Dionne, and we cannot express how happy we are to have her as a part of the chapter."


Katie McCay, Tennesee, is the alumna advisor for her own chapter at University of Tennessee. She was nominated by Delta Sigma members Lizzy Holt and Elizabeth Colloredo. In her role as AA, Katie is not only an asset to the chapter, but has the opportunity to be a part of important Delta Sigma history. As the University of Tennessee prepares to build sorority houses for the first time ever, Katie has worked diligently with the house corporation and the chapter to make the construction process as transparent as possible, assisting with everything from helping to re-structure the chapter payment plan to selecting a house director. Elizabeth said about Katie, "She brings her positive attitude to every Tri Delta event and inspires us. She is loved by each member of the chapter and has made a difference in each and every one of our lives."


Sue Lucas, West Virginia, lives in Ann Arbor, Mich., and is the alumna advisor for Iota Chapter. She was nominated by Katherine Lind, Iota's VP/CD. Balancing a husband, two children and a hectic work life, Sue still finds time to serve as Iota's AA. As Katherine said in her nomination of Sue, "There have been countless nights that I have called Sue in tears, and she has woken up to help me and never once complained...After a rough standards, she never fails to give me some inspiration and assure me that the right choice may be harder, but will never be regretted."

South Central

Natalie Lackey, Kansas State, and Amber Bloome, are co-alumna advisors for Theta Iota Chapter. Through their leadership, Natalie and Amber have helped the chapter grow and thrive. They were nominated by Geneva Jahnke, , who says they "get it." They have grown through their service to the chapter and are excellent examples of self-sacrificing leadership. Their leadership sets an example to the chapter and helps show members that there is life in Tri Delta beyond collegiate membership.

Thank you to all of our wonderful advisors!