The Avett Brothers & St. Jude

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Alpha Chapter at Boston University raised money for St. Jude by partnering with The Avett Brothers during their recent concert in Boston. Donations received from concert-goers were sent to the hospital.

Caroline Lynch, Boston, organized the event. Learn about how it all came together!

How did you come up with the idea to support St. Jude through the Avett Brothers?
I have been a fan of the Avett Brothers for years and had been keeping track of Bob Crawford's story for a while through interviews he had done with the band and so on, and of course was touched by it [Ed. note: Bob's young daughter Hallie was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011 and is a St. Jude patient. You can learn more about their story here.] Then, a year ago when I was initiated into Tri Delta, St. Jude immediately won my heart. However it wasn't until October of this year when I was buying my ticket to see the Avett Brothers in Boston for their March date that I made the connection between the three of us. Once I realized that we all shared a common goal, I knew I had to try to bring all three organizations together.

How did you coordinate & promote the event?
The first step that I took was I went onto the Avett Brothers Facebook page and got their tour manager's contact information. I emailed Paul Lohr, President of New Frontier Touring, in late October 2013. I explained Tri Delta's connection with St. Jude and that I had been touched with Bob and Hallie Crawford's story and wanted to help, not really knowing what form that help would take. Later that day, I had a response from Paul and the rest was history. Together with Live Nation, we were able to secure a 21 person luxury box at the Avett Brothers March 8th show in Boston at TD Garden to be given away to a fan. Entry to win was free, with the option of donating to St. Jude. The response was overwhelming. When the band posted the event to their social media sites, it was thrilling to see how many Tri Delta sisters from all over the country were sharing it with their friends, and how many fans were so supportive of our partnership.

We promoted the event with our chapter's social media sites, by reaching out to prominent Tri Deltas, and with the help of the New England St. Jude office and Live Nation.

Why did you want to support St. Jude?
I wanted to support St. Jude because I come from a chapter of women who are so incredibly passionate about St. Jude every single day. My sisters inspire me to try harder, do better, and be more creative with the ways that we can help. I knew I could tackle this project with all of them standing behind me.

I also wanted to support St. Jude for Hallie Crawford because her story is the closest thing to a personal connection that I have with St. Jude. Through interviews and videos put out by Bob Crawford, I have witnessed Hallie's journey and really feel like I've been going through it with her. As a fan of the band, as a Tri Delta woman, and as a human being, watching her go through all the things she has been through touched me on a level that I had never experienced. I simply could not sit back and do nothing to help her. I truly felt a responsibility to help.

Any more specifics about the event you coordinate & how you got others involved?
As far as specifics, I can say that while everyone I worked with was so incredibly kind and generous with their time, this took a lot of time to come together. I reached out to Paul in October and didn't really know if we were going to be able to work anything out until mid January 2014. This project required a level of professionalism and responsibility that I really wasn't sure I even possessed until I was actually doing it. As a college sophomore, there is always the possibility that people in the real world will just brush you off, but I am so grateful to everyone who worked on this with me for taking me seriously. I know a big part of that was having the Tri Delta letters behind me.

Of course I couldn't have done any of it without my sisters. Not only did they help publicize the event and donate their time to help me with it, they also stayed on campus an extra two days into our Spring break so that we could have sisters at the show to man the St. Jude donation tables. They really did make the event possible.