Theta Kappa and The Center Work Together on Capital Campaign

Web_HouseRendering.jpgGreek organizations have become the largest not-for-profit student landlords in the country, housing more than a quarter million students each year. Unfortunately, many of these homes, including many of Tri Delta's existing chapter facilities, need major updates and renovations to remain viable and healthy housing options for our members. The Center for Living, Learning & Leading, a 501 C3-tax deductible foundation, addresses these concerns by providing professional, innovative and effective solutions to generate the needed funding to renovate, refurbish and/or build new facilities that ensure the safety and security of Tri Delta's living environments.

Housing Campaigns are an opportunity for local house corporations as well as National House Corporation to contract with The Center to organize housing related fundraising projects. These projects may include capital campaigns that help to raise funds to build, renovate or add on additional space to an existing Tri Delta house. An example of such a campaign is Theta Kappa at Southern Methodist University. Mary Martha Gibson Stinnett , Southern Methodist, the capital campaign chairman for Theta Kappa shares her story of working with The Center to build the Theta Kappa "dream house":

The excitement grows on the Southern Methodist University campus as collegians and Tri Delta alumnae witness the approaching completion of the completely rebuilt 28,855 square foot Theta Kappa house. The August move-in day is fast approaching and challenging all to have every item in its proper place. thetakappa_web2.jpg

Five years ago SMU informed Theta Kappa that a house sprinkler system needed to be brought to code. So, in good Tri Delta fashion, a committee was formed to investigate whether to remodel our original 50-year old house or completely rebuild a new Theta Kappa house on the existing corner lot. The decision was made to completely rebuild. So, with the co-ordination of the House Corporation, House Steering Committee and Capital Campaign Committee, work began designing the new house and raising tax-deductible donations for the educational space in the new house.

Jacqueline Galli Converse, Southern Methodist, Design Team Lead, Building Steering Committee and Past President of Theta Kappa House Corporation, says: "When the Theta Kappa House Corporation was looking for the best way to receive donated funds to build the new house, we exhausted all our options short of creating a new entity to which donations could be received tax free. Since that would take much more time than we had available, our dear Tri Delta sister and "adopted" Theta Kappa, Jane Spikes, steered us toward The Center. Theta Kappa has since enjoyed the huge benefit of being able to accept tax-free donations through The Center. Without this relationship with The Center, I wonder if we would have exceeded our fundraising goal. This home would not be a reality without The Center's generous support."

Theta Kappas are thrilled when they enter the new house for the first time to see how the new house design follows the familiar footprint of the original house, including a side courtyard. The original hardwoods were saved and recycled in the new house as an extra treat. The lower level accommodates the new chapter room plus educational space, of course.

Thanks to the many donations from our Theta Kappa sisters, local Tri Delta sisters and community friends, Theta Kappa thus far has raised over $1,464,278 from 439 donations while almost doubling our original fundraising goal. Donations are always welcome as the Design Team adds many items still needed for the new house.

Thanks also to The Center for helping to make our Theta Kappa dream house a reality.