Tri Delta Foundation Raises $555,000


Delta Delta Delta Foundation is excited to announce that they have exceeded their goal for The Trilogy, raising $555,000 to help our sisters in need.

At the 2012 Convention, the Delta Delta Delta Foundation introduced The Trilogy - a new way to give that benefits Tri Deltas through emergency financial assistance, scholarships and leadership grants.

In the first year of The Trilogy, 168 Tri Deltas donated over $555,000, surpassing the original $500,000 goal. The Trilogy is an endowment that will provide perpetual funding to help our sisters in need for years to come.

"An endowed fund like The Trilogy is perpetual - just like our bonds of friendship - as well as good business and good stewardship. It also speaks to the heart of what we do for Tri Delta, allowing the Foundation to meet extra needs for scholarships, Crescent Fund assistance, and leadership and education grants. The donors who have made such a success of the launch of The Trilogy are ensuring Tri Delta's long-term ability to assist its members in every possible way," said Foundation President Ginger Hicks Smith, Emory.

Thank you to our donors and volunteers for their support and commitment to making a difference in the lives of Tri Deltas.

Help your sisters by joining The Trilogy.