Evergreen 2014

Meet the Evergreen Costa Rica 2014 Participants

Sarah Alexander, Texas A&M/Corpus Christi
I am always willing to step out of my comfort zone and expand my life experiences. As an educator in training  I am always wanting to learn from individuals around me and assist in the learning of others  especially when it comes to strengthening weaknesses. I am also always willing to accept challenges because they help me grow as a person and keep me on my toes.

caroline begins, Oregon state

I hope to gain new ways to bring a greater sense of leadership into my life and in turn  bring that back to Theta Mu. I also hope to gain new relationships with the women who I will meet on this trip.

Allison Brougher, Miami/Ohio

I know I am far from perfect and am always trying to improve myself and this trip would be a great way to become a better leader  not just for myself but for my chapter and my community.  I would be able to enhance my skills and learn more about myself and use it to become a better person and a better leader.

Claire Bruncke, Oregon State
I hope this experience shows me a new side of myself  and also opens my eyes to new styles of leadership. I also hope to gain a new network of leaders who are striving to do the same things as myself. I also hope to connect with a group of sisters from across the country  and be able to support each other for years to come in our own personal leadership journeys. I hope to learn tangible skills that I can bring back to my chapter and pass on to other members. I also hope to learn new ways of teaching things  and new ways to learn. I hope to gain memories and experiences that are truly one in a lifetime. Mostly I just hope to be able to walk away from Evergreen with a renewed sense of purpose  and a connection to the greater journey that is my path to being the best leader I can be for myself and for others.

STEWART Cook, Kentucky
Three of my greatest passions in life are my Tri Delta sisterhood  traveling  and forming connections with new people. I believe that Evergreen is a program that would allow me to immerse myself for a week in all three of my passions in a way that will help me to grow as a person and a leader in Tri Delta.

Tommi Crimmins, southern Mississippi
I am so excited to meet new people and get to develop friendships through this experience. I also hope to strengthen leadership qualities that I did not know I had  and improve on the qualities that are not my strong suit. Then bring my experiences back to my chapter and encourage other women to become better leaders  give them advice  and show them how I did it. This experience would be the opportunity of a lifetime  and I look forward to gaining as much out of it as I possibly can.

Leah Drinnon, Mississippi State
Tri Delta is built on the ideas of personal growth as a member. I think the Evergreen program is one of the best opportunities for Tri Delta members. I think it would be an amazing experience to grow and also to meet other Tri Delta leaders.

mackenzie flynn, WASHINGTON State
I want to get everything that I possibly can out of Evergreen. New friendships and leadership development may seem cliche,  but I really do want to establish friendships with women outside my chapter,  and developing as a leader is something we should all continue to work on. I want to continue developing as a confident young woman for the benefit of my chapter,  my education  and Delta Delta Delta as a whole. Enjoying the beauty of Costa Rica with such great company would be an added bonus!

Kelly Freiberger, Butler
I want to gain skills that I can not only utilize myself  but also pass on to other leaders in the chapter and help to improve leadership within the Delta Lambda chapter as a whole. I think Evergreen would be an incredible experience that would benefit me not only while I am a collegiate member  but beyond that into my professional career and life as a Tri Delta alumna.

Aubrey Hamilton, Ohio State
I hope to strengthen my bonds to Tri Delta and connect with sisters around the country while enhancing my leadership skills that I can then bring back to my chapter and use to make Delta Delta Delta the best organization it can be. I also hope to inspire my sisters in the process  and encourage them to strive for greatness just like I am trying to do.

Cary Hampton, Loyola Marymount
I don't believe we can learn everything in a classroom; working with newly acquainted sisters to reach our leadership goals while interacting with the Costa Rican landscape sounds absolutely perfect to me. Evergreen would be a sublime educational experience.

Molly Hoffmaster, James Madison
I believe that you can never stop learning how to become a better leader. I hope that Evergreen will allow me to work alongside other sisters of Delta Delta Delta and I can learn different leadership skills from each one of them. No two leaders are the same and everyone has an amazing perspective or story to share. I hope to be apart of the Evergreen experience to make an impact on others lives but hope that they can leave the same lasting impression on me as well. Within the eight days of the Evergreen trip I hope to establish a perpetual bond of friendship among fellow sisters  to develop a stronger and more womanly character and leadership skills  and broaden the moral and intellectual life. By doing so I would become a better leader and be able to assist its members in a positive way.

Laura Leach, Toronto 
I hope to gain a stronger feeling of sisterhood with other Tri Deltas while building my repertoire of leadership techniques that I can put into practice through out my life and future career. 

Chelsea Miley, Florida Gulf Coast
I want to attend Evergreen because I want to learn to be the most positively influential leader possible.  I want to learn more about myself.  I want the opportunity to engage in timeless values  enduring friendships  and innovative growth.  And I want to do all of this with the support and foundation of my sorority's purpose.  A purpose that I respect  cherish  and want to live out on a daily basis.

Maggie Perkins, Maryland
I believe that this experience could be life changing for me.  I want to grow as a leader and be able to understand myself better.  There are many areas that I would like to improve in myself as leader and I think that Evergreen could provide me with these opportunities.  I would like to form relationships with Tri Deltas from many different walks of life and learn about their leadership experiences.  Evergreen would be an amazing opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and try new crazy experiences!  I want to grow in my independence and learn how to be without my family and friends.  The culture of Costa Rica is rich and I would love to learn about how the Costa Rican people live and work.  These findings would help me to grow in my leadership  as I believe all Evergreen experiences would help me do.  I feel very passionate about Evergreen and would love to experience the wonderful and exciting opportunities that it has to offer.

Alexandria Vogl, Loyola Marymount
I am interested in this leadership opportunity because as a leader I think it is really important to take time out for self-exploration and reflection.  One cannot be a good leader unless they know their own values and what they stand for.This would be an amazing opportunity to collaborate with other leaders and help each other grow and develop so we can better serve our communities. 

Julie Willson, Colorado
I hope to gain a broader sense for Tri Delta. I love my sisters  our chapter  and our house  but I want to see how Tri Delta works outside of the university system. While I love being an active collegiate member  I am very excited to be an alumna one day and offer my help and guidance to different chapters as I move for my career. I want to be as fantastic of a Tri Delta as I can  and believe this trip would add great experience to my devotion to Tri Delta  and my entire chapter's pride and love for Tri Delta.

megan and aubrey.jpg
Megan Dennehy & Aubrey James

Megan dennehy, chapman
"Since my trip to Evergreen, I have continued to learn many new things. I have taken the leadership tools and team building resources I gained on the trip to improve my day to day life as a person and a leader. I recently had an internship with Target this summer as a manager in training. One of the things I learned on the trip was that I have trouble moving outside of my comfort zone. As the manager of a store, you have to be willing to do things that aren't always comfortable and make tough decisions. By learning that moving past my own boundaries is something I need to work on, I was able to really immerse myself into my internship at Target. I continued to do things daily that were not always comfortable and I knew that no matter how challenging they were, they would always be a learning experience I could grow from. Evergreen taught me that it's not the limitations you experience, but what and how you choose to act upon them." 
aubrey james, richmond
"Evergreen has impacted me in many different ways. From creating a leadership development plan to learning to work in teams, I have developed important skills that I have applied both to my officer position in Tri Delta as well as other leadership roles. One of the most impact things that Evergreen taught me was how to give and receive feedback. Before Evergreen, I had a difficultly communicating constructive feedback to the people I worked with, whether that be in an academic or extracurricular setting. I was definitely the type of leader that would "sugar coat" the feedback I gave others and would take the constructive feedback I received way too personally. During my time in Costa Rica, I learned how to give constructive feedback, and I had a new awareness of how to utilize constructive feedback when others shared their concerns with me. The only way we truly can grow in leadership is to receive honest feedback and bring what we have learned in the past to future experiences. I'm extremely grateful for the tools that Evergreen has provided me to ensure the continual growth in my leadership abilities."


Taylor Dudley, Cal State/Long Beach
taylor (2).jpgTaylor pledged Tri Delta at Cal State/Long Beach in 2001. While at Long Beach, Taylor served as chapter president, new member educator, panhellenic delegate and as a recruitment counselor.  She also traveled to Memphis for Tri Delta's transformative Power of Purpose conference. Since graduating, Taylor has served Tri Delta as a field consultant, on EO staff as the recruitment coordinator, as a CDO for the University of Oregon and on the Tri Delta Foundation as a trustee. Taylor has facilitated numerous DDD workshops and trainings for collegians and alumnae.

"I am so humbled to travel to Costa Rica for Tri Delta! I am thrilled about the opportunity to facilitate a meaningful learning experience for our collegians and can't wait to learn from them along the way!"

CHRISTIE YERKS, Virginia techChristie.jpg
Christie graduated from Beta Nu chapter at Virginia Tech in 2006. She has served as a Tri Delta Field Consultant from 2006-2007. After traveling for Tri Delta, she spent her time as a Collegiate District Officer, Facilitator for at the 2008 and 2010 Conventions, Body Image Academy facilitator, RLC facilitator and has served as a Central Region Collegiate Chapter Coordinator.

"I am most looking forward to creating new friendships with new Tri Deltas and spending time with old friends!

Holly Thompson
Holly.jpgAs Director of Marketing & Project Management for the Fraternity, Holly Provides strategic direction for Tri Delta's overall marketing and communications plan, including social media, public relations, and digital media. She received a bachelor's degree in communication technology from the University of Texas at Arlington. While at UTA, she served as president of the Epsilon Lambda chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. As an alumna, she has volunteered as chapter advisor, served on the local house corporation and is an active alumnae chapter member.

Holly will be responsible for collecting photos and videos to document the trip, "I look forward to meeting the participants, capturing their journey in leadership and doing it all in the backdrop of Costa Rica."