Reflections: Body Image Program

Reflections: Body Image Program is the first evidence-based peer-led body image education and eating disorder prevention program that has been repeatedly shown to work, and is the first designed for and in collaboration with an international sorority, Delta Delta Delta. Reflections works not only on improving body image issues, but also on encouraging healthy confrontation and communication skills. The program was co-developed by Dr. Carolyn Becker, the local sororities of Trinity University and Tri Delta.

Reflections is different from other body image programs in that it incorporates three key success factors:

    1. The volume of research and independent testing underlying this approach (cognitive-dissonance based) far exceeds that used by other programs.
    2. The unique peer-led structure is the first of its kind in evidence-based eating disorders prevention programs.
    3. The program leverages the unique structure of sororities as an ideal vehicle for spreading and facilitating the message.

These three factors are key contributors to making the program such a success and helping women everywhere to adopt the healthy ideal.

The Issue:

10 million women suffer from eating disorders nationwide, that's more than those suffering from breast cancer. It's undeniable that body image is one of the biggest issues we face as women today. And as an organization that strives to empower and develop its members, Tri Delta and The Center for Living, Learning & Leading are encouraging its members to focus not on the thin-ideal standard of beauty we so often see in the media, but rather on the healthy ideal-which looks different for every woman. This means shifting the focus to health and confidence and NOT weight or size.

The Program

The purpose of Reflections: Body Image Program is to help sorority and other collegiate women establish and maintain a positive body image. As the first scientifically, supported evidence based eating disorders prevention and body image awareness program designed for and with sororities, Reflections endeavors to help participants resist the unrealistic, ultrathin ideal standard of female beauty prevalent in today's society.

The program is implemented among members in two two-hour sessions using highly interactive, peer-led, small groups. The program does not focus on eating disorders. Instead, it emphasizes creating and reaffirming a positive and healthy personal body image through a variety of structured discussions, activities, and exercises. By doing so, participants learn to embrace the healthy ideal, reduce their own body dissatisfaction, decrease "fat talk" in their daily life and recognize all of the wonderful non-appearance related aspects of themselves and others. The Center for Living, Learning & Leading works with Tri Delta members and campus professionals to implement this program among their members and on their respective campuses. 

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In 2012, Tri Delta launched BodyImage3D®, a multi-dimensional approach to body image awareness and education. This initiative encourages a more well rounded, in depth body image to transpire when it serves as the central focal point for three key components: healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit.

BodyImage3D kicked off in October 2012 with continued Fat Talk Free® awareness and will continue as a year round effort, each month showcasing a new theme, bringing new challenges and sharing further opportunities for all to strive for and achieve a healthier, more complete body image.

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