Delta Lambda Housing Campaign

Our home at 809 Hampton Drive has been an important part of the Delta Lambda experience. It has provided an environment that fosters learning and growth for generations of sisters. Furthermore, it has been a home away from home where our sisters have been able to live, learn and lead together. However, if we wish for Tri Delta to continue its strong presence on the Butler University campus, we must ensure that we are providing a safe, comfortable and competitive housing opportunity to our members. Now is the appropriate time to secure our future. Since returning to campus in 2005, Delta Lambda Chapter has reestablished itself as a group of women who are brave, bold and kind – members are committed to their academics, serving the community and loving one another. Delta Lambda sisters are involved in more than 100 student organizations and volunteered more than 750 hours last semester.

Investing in our future

The Tri Delta Housing and undergraduate leadership have developed a solid plan to address the long-term viability of the Tri Delta chapter house at Butler. Working with Rowland Designs and undergraduate members, Tri Delta Housing has developed a comprehensive plan to renovate as well as expand the chapter house.

The house will expand with a new multipurpose room for dining and meeting on the main floor, additional sleeping rooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms on the second and third floors, and a large outdoor courtyard. The existing common space will be repurposed and renovated to bring more community living areas to the first floor, enlarge the foyer, renovate bathrooms and relocate the house director’s apartment.

Together with our active members, Tri Delta Housing committed to this major undertaking, which will allow us to renovate our chapter house and compete with other housing options on campus.

Our investment in the future of Delta Lambda will ensure the success of our chapter and will promote a legacy upon which to build an even greater sisterhood. We know Tri Delta plays a transformational role in shaping the lives of our women during college and beyond.

Your financial support will enable future generations to enjoy the experience of Tri Delta sisterhood – please donate today to create your legacy.