Meet your Chapter Development Consultants
Leadership, Trident | October 16, 2017

Tri Delta is growing and so is our Chapter Development Consultant Program! After participating in a competitive application and selection process, 17 brave, bold and kind chapter development consultants (CDCs) — 12 new consultants and five returning senior consultants — are spending the 2017-18 academic year traveling across North America, furthering their own professional development, while working with our collegiate chapters.

Tri Delta’s CDCs started their travels in early August after wrapping up a busy three weeks of training at Executive Office in Dallas, Texas. During training, the CDCs not only learned practical skills that will help with their day-to-day work and travel, but also transferrable skills that will aid in their own individual professional development.

They learned all facets of Tri Delta operations, as well as how to be a mentor, coach, consultant and role model. New this year, the consultants also received training on how to be a facilitator, including different facilitation styles and how to communicate effectively with different communication styles — skills that will serve them well as they work with a wide range of chapter officers and volunteers over the coming year.

Carmen Pipe, Colorado, says, “I am looking forward to meeting the wide variety of brave, bold and kind women who make up our collegiate chapters all across the country; every member is unique and is a key part of the puzzle that makes up Tri Delta!”

Training was also a time for the consultants to further develop their own leadership skills. Our consultants are passionate and unselfish leaders; many of them have already held numerous leadership positions through their collegiate chapters, campus Panhellenics and other organizations. Training helps them hone in on their leadership skills and apply those skills both as a CDC and as a professional embarking on their careers.

Senior Chapter Development Consultant Breanna Bober, Oklahoma, says “As a Tri Delta, I feel so grateful to serve this organization. As a professional, I am glad to learn from such incredible women whom I also get to call my sisters. I know how pinnacle the first few years of your career can be; with this, I do not take for granted that I work for an organization filled with confident female leaders.”

Additionally, training helped equipped the consultants as they work to support all of Tri Delta’s collegiate chapters, including our seven emerging chapters. The consultants will help establish and support two more new chapters this year, recruiting and educating our newest sisters at Quinnipiac University in the fall and the University of Delaware in the spring.

Over the course of the academic year, these 17 women will be out in the field, providing support and guidance to help our chapters operate efficiently and effectively while ensuring a positive member experience and strong, sustainable sisterhood. By focusing on chapter and member development, and working directly with chapter officers and volunteers, our consultants will empower our members to live, learn and lead — with Purpose — for a lifetime.

“I am looking forward to connecting with women and empowering them to see the benefit of investing in their Tri Delta experience,” says Senior Chapter Development Consultant Jenna Kamlet, Colorado. “I strongly believe in the value of lifetime membership, and I hope to help our members understand the importance of finding ways to continually engage with our organization after graduation.”

The work of the consultants allows continuous opportunities for recognition and improvement among our collegiate chapters, and their efforts are truly supporting and guiding our chapters. They are there to help build our chapters and assist them in communicating better with each other. Most importantly, they are there to connect with each member and find ways to “assist our members in every possible way.”

Lexi Garcia, Chapman, says, “As a collegiate member, I had the opportunity to work with various CDCs. They inspired and empowered me to grow as a leader and they showed me I had real sisters all over the world, no matter our background or chapter. I can’t wait to be that for someone else.”

Our chapter development consultants are visible examples of the brave, bold and kind women we empower members to be. Consultants walk alongside our members as they learn how to execute officer responsibilities, create recruitment plans tailored to their campus culture and inspire others to grow.

In turn, the consultants have the opportunity to experience their own self-development and growth, gaining independence, confidence, unselfish leadership and the many skills that will help them live, learn and lead through every stage and phase of life.

“Serving as a CDC is just the start of my lifetime membership in Tri Delta,” says Juliet Wilson, South Carolina. “Tri Delta gave me more then I could have ever imagined in the four years I spent at South Carolina. I’m beyond grateful I get to spend the next year giving back to the organization that made me the woman I am and will continue to grow into throughout my membership journey.”

Are you graduating in December 2017 or May 2018 and want to travel for Tri Delta? Apply to be a CDC today!


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