Apply for the 2020 Collegiate Chapter Awards
Leadership, News | August 19, 2019

Collegiate awards season is here! We recognize fall is a very busy time for collegiate chapters, so we’re launching the Collegiate Chapter Awards application one month early. To make things easier, we’ve also combined the original eight award applications into one! This means a more streamlined award application process for our collegiate chapters and volunteers.

Awards will be presented at Collegiate Leadership Conference (CLC) 2020 in Dallas, Texas, and include:

  • Excellence in Community Relations
  • Excellence in Alumnae Connection
  • Excellence in Member Experience
  • Excellence in Recruitment and Retention
  • Excellence in Academics
  • Excellence in Philanthropy
  • Excellence in Community Service

Chapter(s) who show overall excellence and/or growth across all areas of chapter operations will be considered for receipt of the Margaret Paddock Haller Award.


All collegiate chapters in good standing with Tri Delta throughout the 2019 calendar year are eligible.

Each collegiate chapter is highly encouraged to submit an application to highlight their growth, excellence and innovation throughout 2019.


Each collegiate chapter’s vice president of administration (VP/A) or vice president of operations (VP/O) will serve as point of contact for all award communication from Executive Office. It is the responsibility of the VP/A or VP/O to complete the application on behalf of their chapter in Smarter Select. However, we encourage the VP/A or VP/O to delegate and collect application question content from fellow officers and members to ensure a well-rounded and collaborative approach.


The application will close at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 28 for all collegiate chapters. Application information can be saved in Smarter Select leading up to the deadline, and content can be edited/added until the deadline is reached.

The application has a place for volunteer recommendations, which also closes at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 28.

  • It is imperative that the VP/A or VP/O adds volunteer contact information to the application and saves it prior to the deadline to ensure volunteers have time to submit their recommendations. It is best practice to ensure recommenders have at least two weeks to submit content.
  • Recommendations are not mandatory for application completion but do help the award committee to better understand the chapter’s overall progress throughout the year.
  • Recommendations include:
    • Alumna advisor (AA) or an advisory team member
    • Collegiate district officer (CDO) or collegiate chapter coordinator (CCCo)
    • Financial specialist (FS)
    • Panhellenic specialist (PS)
    • Recruitment specialist (RS)
    • Faculty advisor
    • Campus Fraternity/Sorority Life staff member




The Tri Delta Member Experience

Tri Delta is boldly leading the way – and often setting the standard – on important topics such as the gender pay gap, body image, mental health and consent through the programs and initiatives we offer our members.


Dolphin Tank and Delta Demos

Tri Delta’s Collegiate Leadership Conference 2020 will feature two opportunities to highlight the creative successes of our collegiate chapters: Delta Demos and Dolphin Tank