3 For You: Being a Remote Student
News | April 14, 2020

In Tri Delta’s new series, “3 For You,” we’re covering the best tips from experts as we navigate our new circumstances during COVID-19. Tri Delta collegiate member Geya Bhimanapalli, Temple, shares her insights on the transition to being a remote student. Read her three tips below, or listen to the podcast.

We are now several weeks into sheltering in place, staying home and dealing with the unfolding situation around COVID-19. Tri Delta is keenly focused on how our collegiate members are adapting to this shift in their educational experience as our more than 18,000 collegiate sisters transitioned to their permanent homes to become remote students. One of those students, Geya Bhimanapalli, a junior majoring in actuarial science, shares her three best tips to help other college students adjust to working remotely.

Tip #1 Establish and follow your schedule

When we’re in school, we have classes at a certain time every day, meetings scheduled for certain times—everything is planned out for us. Now that everything is online it can be very difficult to not have a schedule and tempting to let your work pile up until the end of the week. Create and keep a schedule that lets you finish your assignments early on in the week. Then, during the day you’ll have more time to work out or go for a work. Having a set schedule will keep you from being overwhelmed and putting all your work off until the end.

Tip #2 Reach out to people to stay connected

Even though we can’t see all of our friends in person as we used to, this is definitely a time that we want everyone to feel safe and be told everything is going to be ok. Reach out to your college friends—text them, call them and see how they’re doing. Also take this opportunity to reach out to your old friends that you might not normally have time to see while you’re in school. This is a great time to connect with your family at home and spend time together, even if it’s just watching a movie together. It’s important to have these connections and support groups just to know that we’re in this together… It’s not the best situation, but we’re going to get through it together.

Tip #3 Look at the problem as a solution

This is an unfortunate situation that none of us can control, but we can look at the bright side of it. We have all the time in the world right now. Many of us may be looking at graduate school in the near future, or taking certification exams for our major. This is the best time to plan those things out. Keep a schedule. Slowly start studying, so when you decide to take the exam you’re not cramming.

We have so much stress when we’re so involved in so many things on campus along with being a full-time student, working and having a social life, and now that we’ve switch everything to online, it’s only added stress. Take this time to find yourself, to mentally relax and to mentally stabilize yourself and rebuild yourself. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing right now.

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