3 For You: My Favorite College Class
News | May 26, 2020

In Tri Delta’s series, “3 For You,” we’re covering the best tips from experts as we navigate our current situation during COVID-19. In this special edition, we’re highlighting three Tri Delta seniors in honor of our Senior Celebration Week! 2020 Sarah Ida Shaw Award Winner London Moore, Oklahoma, shares her thoughts on why Tri Delta was her favorite college class. Read more from London’s “3 for You” interview below, or listen to the podcast.

Earlier this year during Tri Delta’s Collegiate Leadership Conference, CEO Karen Hughes White, Georgia, sat down with senior, past collegiate chapter president, and Sarah Ida Shaw Winner London Moore, Oklahoma, who shared what Tri Delta taught her about leadership and kindness and how it prepared her for life after college.

Creating the stage where others can thrive

Within leadership there are a lot of challenges, and honestly I find that to be one of the most beautiful parts. I think leadership without challenges is reflective of a lack of growth. In a chapter the size of Theta Gamma one of the things that can be difficult is making everyone feel very seen, heard and valued. And while this is difficult I also think this is extremely crucial and vital to success. So I believe firmly every member has something to contribute and as a leader it’s your job to create the stage for them to thrive on.

At first I was scared of this pursuit, but I learned quickly it’s a very simple endeavor. It can be taking somebody to coffee. It can be just intently listening, being fully present in a conversation, setting your phone down, or maybe not sending your phone to voicemail. Ultimately it’s just being available. Availability can empower and elevate those around you. I think it’s living out the phrase “for every hour you spend investing in yourself, spend two investing in others because chances are you’re going to leave just as changed.”

Never-ending commitment to kindness

Tri Deltas really pride ourselves on the saying “kind alike to all.” But I’ve gotten to see it be much more than just a motto or a phrase. It’s something we’re constantly in pursuit of and adapting to. Initiatives such as the BodyImage3D Program, Behind Happy Faces, and so many others are true examples of that growth. It’s so much more than just being kind. Tri Delta is continuously working on creating the atmosphere for all women to thrive in and not just accepting women, but actually celebrating them for who they are and what they bring. I think that’s something Tri Delta is constantly striving for which is what I really admire. Our commitment to kindness is never ending. We’re learning how to be kinder every day.

 Favorite College Class

Tri Delta has given me opportunity after opportunity. It’s shown me the value of difference, it’s prepared me to seek out ways I can improve instead of just settling. It’s shown me the importance of being a servant and the importance of listening, as well as putting others before myself. I think I leave undergrad with so much confidence because of my time in Tri Delta. I know that they’re going to be with me along the way, and they’ve given me the tools to best achieve success. I say Tri Delta is the best class I ever took in college because it’s prepared me more than anything else, and it’s made me a more well-rounded woman.

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Our “3 for You” series will be going on hiatus for the summer, but we’ll be back with more “3 for You” later this year! In the meantime, we’ll be launching our special Distinguished Deltas podcast series, and you can always look back at past 3 For You topics here.


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