3 For You: Navigating the Unknown
| March 31, 2020

In Tri Delta’s new series, “3 For You,” we’re covering the best tips from experts as we navigate our new circumstances during COVID-19. Tri Delta alumna Stacy Nadeau, Creighton, shares helpful hints for navigating the unknown. Read her three tips below, watch the full video , or listen to her on our Let’s Talk Tri Delta podcast.

For many of us, we are in a time of unknown — we are self-quarantining, away from work, school, friends and family, to keep ourselves and each other as safe as possible. But that also means we are out of our routine. We are away from our normalcy, and we might be away from our community.

Here are some tips to help you navigate this unknown as healthily, as confidently and as kindly to yourself as possible.

Tip #1: Use the Buffet Tool

Think about when you go to a buffet for dinner. As you go through the line of the buffet you fill your plate with foods, condiments, desserts, treats that work for your body right then. You might pick something because you believe it’s going to be nutritious for your body today. You might pick something because you love the flavor and the taste. You might see something you’re very excited about and put it on your plate…and you leave the rest.

As you’re navigating the next few months, think about this as you take in information. Check in with yourself every 2-3 days during this time. Your needs are going to change, and what will serve you during this time is going to change. Remind yourself that it’s 100% ok to pick whatever is working for you that day and to leave the rest. Then, go back and revisit your needs every day, or every few days, to see what you might need as things change. The buffet isn’t going anywhere.

Tip #2: Pick one thing to do every day that feels creative and/or is self-care

Creativity unlocks a different place in our brain. It makes us feel less anxious, and pulls us into the present moment. Creativity calms the nervous system and it makes us feel like we have other well-rounded capabilities beyond work, school or parenting, etc.

Every single day in your routine and your schedule try really hard to do something that’s either creative or that feels like it’s self-care. If creative doesn’t align with you, if creative doesn’t feel right for the next few days, do something that feels great in your self-care.

Tip #3: Practice self-kindness

There is no better time than now to practice self-kindness. You might find yourself navigating feelings that you’ve never felt before. You might find your body or your mind reacting to those emotions in ways you’ve never encountered before. Show up with kindness to yourself.

This is a tough time. The unknown can feel scary. It can cause anxiety. But it can also provide opportunities for us to serve others and allow others to serve us. We are capable, and we are in this together. Show up with kindness to yourself. Others will show up with kindness to you. And, of course, serve kindness back to others when and if you are able. And we will be able to navigate these waters together and get to the other side. You are not alone.


Want more?  Watch Stacy’s video or find more helpful 3 for You topics by visiting www.tridelta.org/3ForYou.


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