3 For You: What Happened to Our Senior Year?
News | May 26, 2020

In Tri Delta’s series, “3 For You,” we’re covering the best tips from experts as we navigate our current situation during COVID-19. In this special edition, we’re highlighting Tri Delta seniors in honor of our Senior Celebration Week! Sam Wakitsch, Southeast Missouri, shares advice for her fellow seniors of the Class of 2020 whose senior year was cut short. Read her three tips below, or listen to the podcast.

This spring Tri Delta has become uniquely aware of how this pandemic has affected all of our members. We supported more than 18,000 collegiate women as they returned to their permanent homes from their campuses with their academic year upended. While this has affected everyone’s collegiate membership, it has been especially tough for Tri Delta seniors. They’re missing out on commencements, special chapter recognitions, formals and so much more. Sam has some great advice for her fellow seniors.

Tip #1 Understand Your Feelings Are Valid

Everyone is facing so many different challenges right now, whether it be financial hardships or having to move back home. This is just a difficult time for everyone. Yes, some people’s situation might be worse than yours, but that doesn’t mean your feelings and emotions aren’t valid. Our senior year was ripped away from us. All of the goodbyes, all the sentimental moments and the celebration of all of our hard work was just taken away. Know that it’s ok to be upset, frustrated and to accept your feelings of loss and grief.

Tip #2 Focus on the Positives

There are so many negative things going on right now, and it’s really hard to not let that consume you. Don’t let yourself focus on those negative things. Your semester was cut short, your goodbyes didn’t happen and graduation was either canceled or postponed. Those are difficult things, and you feel like you don’t have much control. But it’s all about your mindset—you can control how you feel, your emotions and your situation. Focus on the positives. Every night, write down three things that you’re grateful for, even if it’s as simple as the weather was nice outside and you got to leave your house. Those are the things that matter—they put it into perspective that not everything is sad and not everything is broken. Spend your time and energy focusing on the positive things.

Tip #3 Lean on Your Support System

It is times like these that we should all be thankful to be Tri Delta women! You have been given this giant support system that other people don’t have. Not only does this organization give you so many resources and assistance, it also gives you so many wonderful women to help you and assist you throughout this challenging time. Use those resources, and reach out if you need help. Let your sisters support you and be there for you. And be there for them as well. They are feeling these harsh realities too, so if you can do something to help these women, do it. Be a sister to them, and they will be a sister back to you!

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Our “3 for You” series will be going on hiatus for the summer, but we’ll be back with more “3 for You” later this year! In the meantime, we’ll be launching our special Distinguished Deltas podcast series, and you can always look back at past 3 For You topics here.


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