Life Loyal Spotlight: Agnes Sapa Foos
Foundation, Leadership | May 20, 2019

If Agnes Sapa Foos, Cal State/Northridge, believes in a cause, she is thoroughly committed to its success. As a Life Loyal Tri Delta, she is committed to our sisterhood and the principles on which it was built.

“Since I have been active in Tri Delta, my understanding, respect and love for the Fraternity has deeply strengthened and grown through my experiences,” she says. “I am looking forward to my 50th year of membership upcoming in 2021. (How did that happen?) I feel that Tri Delta is growing and changing with the times to continue its vibrancy. It is as relevant today as it was in 1888 when it was founded.”

Agnes’ lifetime experience began as a junior in college. But it was as an alumna that she gained the most from her membership, finding a supportive and loving group of sisters in her alumnae chapter and then serving as alumna advisor for Beta Beta Chapter at California State, Northridge.

“I think my passion for Tri Delta continues to grow because of all the dynamic members I have met in this amazing organization. I am inspired by my sisters, whether they are collegians or alumnae members. I have learned so much from them and love working alongside them.”

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Tri Delta Joins Sacred Heart University

We are thrilled to announce that the Sacred Heart Panhellenic Council has invited Tri Delta to establish a new chapter in 2020-2021!