BodyImage3D | June 7, 2016

By 2015 Body Image Ambassador Jovana, Boise State

Webster’s dictionary defines beauty as, “the quality of being physically attractive”, whereas Google defines beauty as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” Even amongst the definitions of beauty there is no clear line as to what it is, yet everyone desires to achieve it. However, if no one actually knows what beautiful is, how are people able to judge whether or not you or anybody else is beautiful?

Why is this happening? 

Why is the world so obsessed with declaring someone to be more beautiful than someone else? Beauty is supposed to be in the eyes of the beholder, yet the media can’t seem to see it this way.

Young women are growing up in a world where they are expected to be beautiful, fit, attractive, thin and many other things.

The world is going through a pivotal moment in history with regards to what is considered beautiful. Body love and body peace movements are on the rise and with any great movement there are going to be haters on the opposite side trying to discourage the movement as a whole. Honestly, it’s a sad fact that people need to have these movements and that they don’t already live in a society that accepts them for them.

Women are constantly being told that they are either too fat, too skinny, not fit enough, not tall enough, etc. As women, this standard of not being good enough begins to take a toll on our self-confidence and body image. Young women especially are being broken down as they are continually exposed and expected to reach this so called standard. They used to say that we are our own worst enemy and meanest critic? But are we?

We as women are judged so much on our outer appearances displayed on magazine covers, billboards and social media that it’s restricting us from being able to have confidence and shine as individuals. Our own worst enemy, the voice inside us, has been taken out of our control and left to the media. This negative voice leaves many women feeling helpless as their worst thoughts of themselves are now being displayed.

Left to feel…
But we don’t need to be!

Beauty needs a new definition and it is time to define it. Beauty should no longer be defined by the size of your waist, butt, or breasts. It should be a definition of expression. Beauty should be defined by each and every person. As long as they feel beautiful, society should accept them as they are. Like mothers, fathers, parents, friends, teachers and even Thumper from “Bambi” have said, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

The only person who can define you is you, it sounds cliché and it sounds difficult to accept but it’s the truth. Everyone deserves the right to feel beautiful and accepted. Once you truly believe and accept that you are beautiful, we will see a change in the world. 

I am beautiful and so are you.


3 for You: Ultimately Creating Good

In Sept. 2017, Rae Ann Gruver and her husband Stephen lost their son Max to a hazing incident at Louisiana State University. Following this horrible tragedy, they have been instrumental in forming a coalition of parents who have lost children to hazing to provide education and advocacy designed to put an end to hazing once and for all. 


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