Submit Bylaws Amendments and Business Resolutions
Leadership, News | September 20, 2019

Every member’s voice is important in the creation of Tri Delta’s legislation. In preparation for Tri Delta’s 59th biennial Convention on July 10-12, 2020, the Bylaws Committee is encouraging members to submit recommendations for Fraternity Bylaws amendments and/or business resolutions.


The Fraternity Bylaws are the Governing Documents of the Fraternity and are amended biannually during Convention, view the most up to date copy in the Resource Library when logged in to My Tri Delta. The Bylaws Committee receives recommendations from any Tri Delta member, evaluates them and proposes amendments for adoption. A formal Notice of Bylaws Amendments are shared with Tri Delta’s membership before the Convention meeting where they will either be adopted or dismissed.

Who can recommend a Bylaws Amendment: Any Tri Delta member in good standing

What is the deadline: October 1, 2019

How to recommend a Bylaws Amendment: Submit your recommendation online or email


Business resolutions are recommendations, statements or declarations that may impact the business aspect of the Fraternity. A resolution is a main motion that needs to be expressed formally in writing, to attach a special level of importance. Because of the form – beginning with the word Resolved and following with either a statement of opinion or a statement authorizing or directing some action – such a motion is called a resolution. Sometimes, if an explanation is warranted, a preamble can be included with the resolution. Here’s an example of a business resolution format:

Resolutions are presented for adoption during Tri Delta’s biennial Convention by the Resolutions Committee. In past years, Tri Delta has called for both types of resolutions (business and courtesy) to be submitted during Convention; however, after review of the timing of resolutions, the Resolutions Committee recommended to call for business resolutions prior to Convention in order to have more time to review resolutions, share with the Executive Board and propose for adoption along with a recommendation to refer to a committee or integrate into a policy or procedure effective Aug. 1.

Who can make a resolution: Any Tri Delta member who will be a registered attendee at Convention 2020

What is the deadline: February 1, 2020

How to submit a business resolution: Submit your business resolutions online or email


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