Sisterhood | October 30, 2017

Created in 1998 by award-winning Texas artist Parks Lowe, the above painting “Founders’ Day” celebrates Tri Delta’s founding at Boston University in November 1888.

Integrated into the tranquil New England scene are Tri Delta’s beloved symbols: the pine tree in the background; the pansies in the foreground; the ocean on the horizon; and the pearls worn by the women.

The women, of course, represent our Founders. The two standing figures represent our founding sisters, Sarah Ida Shaw and Eleanor Dorcas Pond; while the seated figures represent Tri Delta’s first two initiates, Isabel Morgan Breed and Florence Isabelle Stewart. The autumn foliage further sets the scene, as does the church steeple – a nod to Park Street Church, where Sarah and Eleanor pledged eternal loyalty and fealty to Tri Delta.

This Founders’ Day, we honor the brave, bold and kind women who created Tri Delta – something distinctive, something dynamic and something that is worthy of the best in you.


Whether you are hosting a Founders’ Day celebration or attending one, we hope you find the resources below useful. View our Event resource when logged in to My Tri Delta.

  • 2017 Founders’ Day Proclamation – A message from Fraternity President Kimberlee Sullivan, Pepperdine.
  • Founders’ Day Resource Kit – Everything you could need to celebrate our founding, all in one resource!
  • Founders’ Day ceremony – Reflect on how our Purpose remains relevant today (see Founders’ Day Resource Kit).
  • Printable Tri Delta Grace – Sing this Tri Delta tradition with your sisters (see Founders’ Day Resource Kit).
  • Invitation Template – Use our new brand to invite sisters near and far to your event (see Founders’ Day Resource Kit).
  • Program Template – Create a customized program for your chapter’s event (see Founders’ Day Resource Kit).
  • Chapter Roll Call – This updated roll call includes our newest collegiate chapters.
  • Facebook profile picture and cover photo – Show off our sisterhood online by changing your personal or chapter profile and cover photos.
  • Participate in our annual Founders’ Day of Giving by making a one-time donation of $18.88 or $129 to the Tri Delta Foundation.

We encourage you to attend a local Founders’ Day celebration if you can. Regardless, we hope you connect with us and other Tri Deltas online by using #DDD129 to share in the celebrations across North America and the world!


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Pansy Brunch or Circle Degree celebrations are a wonderful way to celebrate sisterhood!


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