Chapter Spotlight: Beta Tau at Baylor University
Sisterhood, Trident | January 5, 2017

Chapter: Beta Tau
School: Baylor University
Location: Waco, Texas
Number of members: 338
Latest new member class size: 103

What makes your chapter unique?
Our chapter is unique because it’s so diverse. Baylor Tri Delta brings together women from all different backgrounds, majors and interests, and unites us all under one greater purpose. You can’t pick just one word to describe our chapter because each of us is unique. We each have different strengths and abilities, and together we make Baylor Tri Delta strong.

Tell us about one tradition that’s specific to your chapter or school.
The biggest tradition for us is Sing, a Broadway-style competition between different organizations on campus. At Baylor, Sing is huge! Students come up with everything, from music and vocals to costumes and choreography. We practice for months and put hours and hours into making our performance the best that it can be, and usually over three-fourths of our chapter chooses to participate each spring. The top eight acts also get the chance to perform in Pigskin Revue, which takes place at Homecoming during the fall. We love participating in Sing every year!

What was your chapter’s favorite Deltas Only event this year?
This year, we had Guerrilla Troupe, the Baylor comedy improv group, put on a show for us in our chapter room. This was such a fun Deltas Only event because it was entertaining and Guerrilla Troupe got everyone involved in the show, which is always hilarious. We had a great time spending time with our sisters and just laughing together away from the usual stresses of college.

What was your chapter’s biggest philanthropy event this year?
Our biggest philanthropy event this year was Delta Night Live featuring a concert by Green River Ordinance! We also held a silent auction, and there were several local food trucks that came and generously shared portions of their profits with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It was our first year putting on this event, and we had a great turnout.

What is your chapter’s favorite way to be involved in the local community?
Our favorite way to be involved in the Waco community is through weekly service. Every week, we have four different ways for our members to serve. From volunteering at a food bank to cooking meals for a family abuse shelter to spending time with the elderly, we cherish the time we spend serving alongside our sisters. We see service as not just a way to give back to the community, but also as a way to grow in our sisterhood.

What part of the Purpose does your chapter excel in?
Our chapter excels at developing a stronger and more womanly character in each of our members. The friendships we build with each other are not superficial or skin-deep. We truly know each other’s hearts and are there for each other in good times and bad. We continually encourage and challenge each other to love deeply, work hard and live joyfully. Being in Baylor Tri Delta makes each member better and stronger than she would be on her own because of the incredible women surrounding her, and that is a special thing to be a part of.


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