Chapter Spotlight: Iota Chapter
News, Sisterhood | January 30, 2018

Chapter: Iota
School: University of Michigan
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Number of Members: 223

What makes your chapter unique?

Here at Michigan, our chapter prides itself on our diversity as individual members. Aside from having members from all over the country, and even internationally, our members partake in a variety of different on-campus activities and have chosen to focus their studies on everything from engineering to nursing and business to art.

What’s one tradition specific to your chapter?

One tradition we have at our chapter is what we call “firesides.” This is held at the end of each year, before the seniors graduate. The whole chapter gathers around in the living room of the chapter house and our senior members spend time telling their most memorable stories of being in Tri Delta and any advice they have to pass down to all the other members. The night is filled with laughs and appreciation for the seniors who will soon be alumnae.

What was your chapter’s favorite sisterhood event last semester?

Last semester one sisterhood event that everyone enjoyed was our celebration during our Big Appreciation Week. On the Friday of Big Appreciation Week, members came to the house for a grilled cheese lunch and spent time with their bigs/littles. There was a photo booth and a chocolate fountain, and everyone enjoyed a fun afternoon!

What was your chapter’s biggest philanthropy event last year?

Our biggest philanthropy event last year was Sincerely Yours! We raised $89,067.

What is your favorite way to be involved in your community?

Our chapter’s favorite way to be involved in the local Ann Arbor community is an event called Shop With A Cop. This is an event we participate in every year that involves chapter members assisting in holiday shopping with kids in the community and a local police officer. The event’s main goal is to create positive relationships between kids and law enforcement. Our members enjoy being involved in this event each year and love seeing the impact the event has on all the kids involved and the community.

What other activities are your members involved in outside of Tri Delta?

Our members are involved in numerous activities outside of Tri Delta! To start, many of our members are also members of pre-law, pre-med or business fraternities. Additionally, many members are involved in on-campus organizations — such as Wolverine Support Network, which brings awareness and a safe space to talk about mental health — and our many on-campus magazines, research projects and volunteer clubs.

If a Tri Delta from another chapter visited your chapter, what’s the first thing you would show her?

The first place many of our members would take someone from a visiting chapter would probably be our outdoor sun deck. All of our members love the sun deck, as it is a great place to hang out, study or simply just enjoy the weather. If not the sun deck, then a visiting Tri Delta would have to see our photo wall off our spiral staircase. The photos on the wall show our chapter’s energy and diversity and is a great place in the house to stop and look at.

How does your chapter live Tri Delta’s Purpose?

Our members live Tri Delta’s Purpose in a number of ways. Aside from establishing friendships that are sure to last a lifetime, our chapter focuses on not only developing our own individual womanly character, but helping our sisters develop their character as well. Our diversity as a chapter strengthens us as a whole and allows us to fully live the Purpose of Tri Delta.


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