Chapter Spotlight: Theta Epsilon at Southwestern University
Sisterhood, Trident | August 3, 2015

Chapter: Theta Epsilon
School: Southwestern University
Location: Georgetown, Texas
Number of members: 68
Latest new member class size: 20
Overall chapter GPA: 3.490

What would you say makes your chapter unique and stand out from Tri Delta’s other collegiate chapters? What makes our chapter stand out is how much emphasis we put on Tri Delta’s BodyImage3D® initiative. We are proud to have helped lead the way with our extremely successful Catwalk to End Fat Talk event. Every fall semester our chapter hosts this event open to everyone on campus. We have a big sheet of paper for people to sign to “Take the Pledge” to end fat talk and promote positive body image and healthy mind, body and spirit. The event is held at the end of Fat Talk Free® Week, and we blow up social media the whole week to promote it. This has also been helped by the fact that we are one of 10 schools that has a body image ambassador!

What was your chapter’s favorite sisterhood/Deltas Only event this year?
Our favorite Deltas Only event this year was when our member development chair had us split into three groups and rotate activities. Each activity was a game that we played with our sisters. One was a version of Charades, another was Twister, and the last one was Catch Phrase. This was fun because it was so interactive and we got to be silly and have fun with each other. Activities like this are always a good reminder of why we joined Tri Delta: we love to bond and have fun together!

What was your chapter’s biggest philanthropy event this year? Our biggest philanthropy event is always Delta Desserts. We haven’t had it yet this year, but last year we raised 1,100 dollars for St. Jude! Delta Desserts is always fun and people donate a lot of money to have their favorite Delta pied in the face.

What is your chapter’s favorite way to be involved on campus or in the local community? Our favorite way to get involved in the Georgetown community is to participate in The Big Event. A service fraternity at Southwestern hosts The Big Event each year, and all organizations on campus are welcome to participate. Teams are made and when the big day comes, all teams are sent to different places around Georgetown to do community service projects.

If a Tri Delta from another chapter visited Theta Epsilon, what’s the first thing you would show her? The first thing we would show her is our chapter room! Theta Epsilon is over 100 years old and we have so many scrapbooks, silverware (with our crest engraved) and decorations that date back to the 1930s. We hold on to our Theta Epsilon history and are proud to be part of such an old and distinguished chapter.

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