Collegiate Advisory Panel
Leadership | June 18, 2018

Tri Delta is seeking committed collegiate women to serve as members of the inaugural Collegiate Advisory Panel (CAP) during the 2018-2019 academic year.

The CAP will serve as a liaison between the collegiate membership and the Fraternity.  The CAP will provide perspective and insight to staff and boards by serving as the voice of the undergraduate experience to the Fraternity. The information shared with the organization will provide guidance and direction as we advance our Purpose and the member experience in Tri Delta.

The members serving on the panel will offer feedback and input regarding educational initiatives, policies, processes and campus trends to better enhance the Tri Delta experience for all collegiate members. Read more about the roles and responsibilities of CAP members.


We encourage all collegiate women to consider this opportunity! Tri Deltas who apply should…

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to the Tri Delta undergraduate experience
  • Express a desire to advance our Purpose and elevate our organization
  • Exhibit strong leadership qualities (NOTE: members do not need to be or have been a chapter officer to be considered for the CAP)
  • Given the opportunity, will provide honest feedback and recommendations to enhance the chapter experience for their sisters


CAP membership terms will be one year, with the possibility of extension to two years. The CAP members will work remotely from their current location. Membership on CAP will require continuous coordination with other committee members, volunteers and with Executive Office staff. This is a volunteer position.  CAP members can expect the following time commitment:

  • 3–5 hours per month
  • Monthly conference calls
  • Term: Sept. 1, 2018 through June 1, 2019
  • Participation in Executive Board, National House Corporation (NHC) or Foundation Board conference calls or in person meetings (as needed)
    • Note: Travel expenses will be covered by the Fraternity.
  • Weekly/biweekly emails — general communications or requests for feedback (as needed)


Interested candidates should submit the online application form. Items to have prepared when filling out the application are listed below:

  • Tri Delta experience
  • Campus involvement experience
  • Current GPA
  • Names and contact information of two references
  • Reason for applying
  • Resume and cover letter

Applications will be accepted until Aug. 3, 2018. Questions about the panel can be emailed to Elyse Gambardella, Sr. Director of Program Development.

The Fraternity relies on the experience and expertise of our collegiate members to create a meaningful and memorable lifetime experience for our members. We need your voice!


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