Our Commitment to Kindness
Sisterhood | February 17, 2018

On Feb. 17, 2018 at Collegiate Leadership Conference Tri Delta announced Live Kind. Lead Kind. – a renewed commitment to kindness. Live Kind. Lead Kind. is:

  • Rooted in Tri Delta’s founding as a “society that shall be kind alike to all…”
  • Designed to elevate Tri Delta’s brand as a premier women’s organization, per our strategic plan
  • A follow-on to the branding and messaging projects completed in recent years
  • The connection between “Live, Learn, Lead”what we do, and “Brave, Bold, Kindwho we are
  • Not a new tagline, but a “through line” connecting all we do
  • Supported by four strong pillars: philosophy, philanthropy, programs and policies


Tri Delta is an organization committed to the growth and development of our members. Our new Growth and Development Philosophy affirms this commitment and identifies learning outcomes and aspirations tied to our core values, which are rooted in kindness: truth, self-sacrifice and friendship. This educational philosophy will guide all of our program and resource development moving forward and help measure and determine program efficacy.


Tri Delta’s long-standing commitment to childhood cancer at the local, regional and national level truly differentiates Tri Delta, not only in the Greek community, but among organizations, associations and major corporations across the country.


Tri Delta’s programs encourage kindness to one’s self and others. From lessons around self-reverence in BodyImage3D to sexual assault awareness and bystander education in Not Anymore, Tri Delta is committed to helping women live, learn and lead.


Zero-Tolerance Policy
In accordance with our Purpose and ideals, Tri Delta has a zero-tolerance policy against hazing.  And, as a founding sponsor of HazingPrevention.org, we are committed to empowering our members to prevent hazing through education, advocacy and community engagement. When, despite all of our efforts, hazing does occur within Tri Delta chapters, our members are held accountable for this dangerous and degrading behavior. Accountability often results in individual membership terminations, and chapter disciplinary action, up to and including the withdrawal of a chapter’s charter.

Update to Non-Discrimination Policy
Tri Delta was the first NPC organization to have a non-discrimination policy. Following nearly two years of extensive research conducted by the Inclusion Task Force, we are making a simple, but powerful, ONE-WORD change to that policy to ensure clarity and to help guide our collegiate members in the membership selection process. The updated policy reads as follows:

Tri Delta does not discriminate on any basis other than gender in selection of members, and collegiate chapters will not discriminate on the basis of ethnic heritage, national origin, personal appearance, personal beliefs, race, religion, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability.

By changing our policy to state that Tri Delta does not discriminate on any basis other than gender in the selection of members allows for much greater inclusivity for those who live and identify as women. This policy is intended to clarify who may be considered for membership in Tri Delta and does not impact the membership status of current collegiate or alumnae members. Membership in Tri Delta is for a lifetime.

Click here to view the full talking points regarding Live Kind. Lead Kind. We also have this handy infographic where you can see the full picture of Tri Delta’s commitment to kindness on one page.


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