Bravely, Boldly, Kindly Committed to Campus Safety
Education, News | August 31, 2020

September is  National Campus Safety Awareness Month (NCSAM) – an initiative to encourage public conversation on safety and harm reduction at colleges and universities. Tri Delta was founded as an organization that values support, personal growth, high ideals and friendship. Now, more than ever, we believe chapters have the responsibility to lead prevention efforts in their community – this takes bravery, boldness and kindness.

This year, we challenge our members (of all ages) to consider being brave, bold and kind throughout NCSAM. We encourage individuals and chapters to utilize this calendar of resources for inspiration on actions you can take throughout the month of September to support campus safety. We also invite you to sign this pledge to show your personal commitment to reducing harm and in your community!

Being brave, bold and kind support campus health and safety means means:

  • Challenging the unsafe behaviors that are part of your community’s social norms
  • Holding yourself and others accountable to living in accordance with Tri Delta’s Purpose
  • Intervening when high-risk situations arise
  • Taking action to prevent high-risk behaviors (e.g., underage drinking, drug use, binge drinking, pre-and post-partying, etc.) at chapter events
  • Participating in Behind Happy Faces, a program that encourages members to engage in self-reflection, interactive activities and important discussions on mental health-related topics
  • Changing chapter traditions to ensure the Tri Delta experience is safe and meaningful for everyone
  • Not tolerating hazing – a phenomenon that goes against our values of truth, self-sacrifice and friendship
  • Participating in Not Anymore and Clarifying Consent, online training programs customized for sorority women that feature modules on consent, sexual assault, bystander behavior and healthy relationships
  • Modeling the way by wearing a mask, maintaining six feet of distance from others and washing your hands
  • Informing others if you become ill and self-isolating to protect the health of others
  • Recognizing your personal responsibility to keep ourselves, sisters, friends and communities safe
  • Utilizing the Planning Safer Events During COVID-19 resource when implementing chapter events
  • Taking action every day with safety, kindness and harm reduction in mind

Tri Delta believes the safety and well-being of her members is everyone’s responsibility. Together we are one of a kind, and stronger than we could ever be alone. Let’s join together and make prevention and harm reduction an everyday activity – not just one month out of the year.



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