Get Ready to be Empowered at Convention 2016
News, Sisterhood | May 25, 2016

Tri Delta is pleased to announce an exciting lineup of speakers for Convention 2016 at the historic Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona on July 2-4. These women are ready to empower and educate Tri Delta women at #DDD2016 as we legislate and celebrate our sisterhood.

Convention Workshops:

Saturday, July 2    5:30 p.m.-6:45 p.m.
Sunday, July 3       2:45 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Kathy CaprinoFast Track to Career Bliss: How to Dig Deep, Discover Your Right Work, and Illuminate the World With It
Presenter: Kathy Caprino
Do you want to achieve more happiness, success and reward, AND make a more positive impact on the world around you? Attend this interactive workshop with Kathy and find out fresh, exciting information on how to identify what you’re passionate about, muster the courage to pursue it, and light up the world with it. Kathy helps you visualize your BIG goals and how to get out of your own way with one small but essential step. Learn more about Kathy.

LIBBY_websiteThe Power of Connection: Authentic Relationships in a Networked World
Presenter: Libby Leffler
Presenting Saturday, July 2 ONLY
Libby Leffler challenges conventional wisdom around networking.  Join her as she shares her experience and ideas for making authentic connections with peers, colleagues, clients and partners, as well as future employers.  Learn how to leverage social media to your advantage, but not at the expense of real-time communication. Read more about Libby.

Kristen Hadeed_websiteFrom Dorm Room to Board Room
Presenter: Kristen Hadeed
During her junior year of college, Kristen founded one of Florida’s largest independently owned cleaning services, Student Maid™, which now employees over 500 employees. Kristen believes we have every right to be just as successful as men and we shouldn’t allow our gender or age stand in the way of success. She will have you laughing as she challenges you to become a powerful woman equipped with the self-confidence to become the leader you are meant to be. Learn more about Kristen.

stacy nadaeu_websiteLiving Life in 3D: Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit
Presenter: Stacy Nadaeu
In this world of rigid expectations, respecting our bodies, minds and spirits, in order to reach our fullest potential, is the key to living a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life. Join Stacy for this empowering program that will open your eyes and minds to the beauty of a successful relationship with yourself and others, as well as the beauty that inner peace can provide. With proper nurturing, acceptance and self-knowledge, we can all live in life in 3D, healthy body, mind and spirit. Learn more about Stacy.

paula berezin_websiterenee bolz_websiteRe-energizing the Tri Delta Brand
Presenters: Paula Berezin, President & Chief Strategist, Social Capital and Renee Bolz, VP Director of Client Services, Holland-Mark
Presenting Sunday, July 3 ONLY
Join brand strategists Paula and Renee from Social Capital – Holland Mark to gain insight into the work of the Brand Innovation Team in preparation for the launch of Tri Delta’s new brand.  Learn about the methodology that was employed and the primary, secondary and competitive research that was conducted to ensure that the Tri Delta brand continues to thrive.  Read more about Paula and Renee.

Convention Keynote Speakers
Muffy Davis, Stanfordmuffy davis_website
Tri Delta sister Muffy Davis was practically born on skis. She was a member of the United States Disabled Ski Team, and has proved herself through her determination and many accomplishments.

Always a goal setter, when she was eight, Muffy told her mother, “God made me to be a ski racer!” and declared that she would ski race in the Olympics. Unfortunately, tragedy struck in February of 1989. While downhill training in her hometown of Sun Valley, ID, Muffy went off course and slammed into a tree, crushing her back and resulting in complete paraplegia. Although devastated at the loss of her chances to become a skiing champion, but Muffy was never one to stay down long. She chose to refocus the time and energy she usually spent on racing towards academics and community service. She graduated from Stanford University, where she was awarded the Alumni Association’s only award for service to the community and was initiated into the Omega Chapter of Tri Delta.

Now as a retired ski racer, Muffy is building her career in motivational speaking and is working on a book. Additionally, she is a spokesperson for Independence Technology, a Johnson & Johnson Company and the CDC’s Tobacco Free Sports Program. Muffy also works as a Development Officer at the University of Utah Health Sciences Rehabilitation Center. Read more about Muffy.

Michelle Lujan Grisham, New Mexicomichelle Grisham_website
Michelle is serving her second term representing New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District.?A 12th-generation New Mexican, has dedicated her life to serving her community, fighting for seniors and veterans, and building an economy that works for all New Mexicans. She has built a reputation – both in New Mexico and in Congress – as a hardworking representative who always puts her constituents first.

During her first term, she stood up for veterans and their families and protected good-paying jobs at Kirtland Air Force Base. She also passed legislation to invest in appropriate training for police; and restore $16 million to rebuild an elementary school that serves at-risk kids.

A long-time advocate for the most vulnerable citizens, Congresswoman Lujan Grisham is working to lift the state out of poverty by creating opportunities for New Mexico families. She is pushing an ambitious plan, called CARE Corps, that would provide support for family caregivers and help meet the growing demand for the care of aging and disabled Americans. She was also selected by her colleagues to serve as 1st Vice Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Learn more about Michelle.

FOMO? Don’t worry you can still register for Convention 2016 at We hope to see you there!


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