Embrace Your Inner Warrior
BodyImage3D | July 16, 2015

By: Body Image Ambassador Jackie, Eastern Illinois

Love yourself.

Easier said than done, right?

There is nothing more freeing than learning to love yourself. I’m not talking about loving your hair, loving your curves, your thigh gap, your messy curls, your imperfectly perfect teeth or your flawless complexion. I am talking about embracing the soul that is inside all of us. We all have this inner warrior that is dying to break free. Unfortunately, more times than not, we limit ourselves by falsely believing we can’t do something. I quite literally embraced my inner warrior last summer by joining the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). Never have I felt more alive than when I was stretched to my limit and beyond. When I was out on the training course low crawling through the mud with my rifle at my side, the farthest thing from my mind was how I looked.

I was living in the moment.
It was then that I realized that is how we should be living our lives every second of every minute of every day. There are so many distractions in life that prevent us from being free. We spend hours obsessing over what others think of us, what we could have been, what’s beautiful, and the list goes on.

If it is beauty we are trying so desperately to achieve then I think it’s important that you know the most beautiful thing you can wear is happiness.

Mind. Body. Spirit. These three things are what BodyImage3D embraces. If you can conquer loving yourself enough to live in the moment and forget about the unimportant opinions of others, then you can achieve a healthy mind, body, and spirit, and you will be beautiful.

Learn to live in the moment, forget what you can’t control, be happy (you’re alive!). Life is beautiful, you are beautiful, and you deserve to be confident in all you have to offer.


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