BodyImage3D | May 7, 2015

While we do not want to stand in the way of your fun in the sun, we do want to encourage you to make healthy choices when it comes to caring for your skin, no matter what the season. Food can be a great way to do that! Instead of spending lots of cash on lotions, potions, expensive masks, creams, exfoliate, and other skin care products, try adding a few of these natural, chemical-free substitutes to your grocery list. It’s time to feed your skin.

Coffee Relief

The summertime is full of late nights and bright mornings. To relieve your eyes, just apply a few dabs of your morning coffee right under your eyes for quick relief. The caffeine from the coffee will restrict the blood vessels and slow down the blood flow to the skin, effectively de-puffing your eyes.

Breakfast Bath

Oatmeal is a powerful skin protectant that soothes dryness and irritation with its anti-inflammatory properties. Soak in an oatmeal bath, or just use the natural cleanser to wash your face and your skin will not only be free of dirt and oil, but it will also be relieved from several ailments such as bug bites, rashes, burns (including sunburns) and other dry skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Oil it Up

A piece of bread dipped in olive oil is great if you want to eat your way to healthy skin. But, if you’re looking for quicker results for treating dry skin, just rub the oil on. Be mindful of the amount you use: you still want to allow your pores to breathe. Focus more on your lips or other dry patches of the skin (like your elbows) and apply small amounts of olive oil to make skin softer and smoother. Dry skin is more likely to crack and bleed, which may lead to infection; whereas soft skin offers more protection because of its elasticity (the property that allows skin to stretch and retract).

Amazing Avocado

It seems there is no end to the health benefits provided by the avocado. To invigorate dry, sensitive skin, make yourself a mask by mashing one avocado up with a tablespoon of honey to make a paste and apply it to your clean face. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Doing so will fortify your skin with vitamins A, D and E (rich in avocados), and reduce irritation on your face or any other areas where you may have dry skin.

Sugar Smacks

With all that goes into caring for the skin on your body and face, it’s easy to overlook your lips. A great way to care for your lips is to exfoliate and moisturize. Mix a small amount of equal parts of brown or white granulated sugar, honey and olive oil. Apply gently to your lips and rinse with warm water. The sugar will rub off any dead skin, while the honey and olive oil will soothe and moisturize the thin and delicate skin on your lips. Be sure to finish with some lip balm to lock in the moisture.


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