Hannah’s Story – Collegiate Crescent Fund
Foundation | October 29, 2015

Most Tri Deltas have fond memories of traveling to and from home to our alma mater, enjoying scenic views and cherishing the music that make our college memories.

Hannah Behrens’, Oregon, journey from Portland to Eugene, Oregon, would have been like many of her trips through the lush green forests of the Pacific Northwest. But her trip wouldn’t end the same way this time. A deer came into her path; Hannah swerved to avoid an accident and flipped her vehicle four times.

Hannah was lucky to survive the accident. Though she did not sustain life-threatening injuries, she had a significant concussion forcing her to be bedridden for a week. Further injuries progressed, including a broken rib and unaligned vertebrae.

She could not continue with summer classes and was unable to work to pay increasingly expensive medical bills. This nearly prevented Hannah from saving for tuition for her senior year. Facing this unexpected struggle, Hannah sought out assistance from the sisterhood that had shaped her into the woman she had become. She turned to Tri Delta.

The Tri Delta Foundation awarded Hannah a grant from the Crescent Fund to cover educational and living expenses to complete her undergraduate education. Contributions to the Crescent Fund allow our sisters to continue to sustain their educational endeavors and individual commitments to living, learning and leading according to our Purpose.

“Our Purpose has changed my outlook on my college experience and has truly pushed me to be a better woman,” Hannah said.

Hannah graduated from Oregon and is currently working as an intern at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo in the primate department. She will be attending graduate school in the fall, pursuing a degree in environmental studies to pursue her dream of becoming a conservation biologist.

Through generous and steadfast donations to the Crescent Fund program, over $48,000 has been provided to Tri Delta collegians and alumnae in need in 2014-2015. Your kind support continues to allow our members to live, learn and lead with Purpose and commitment to Tri Delta, now and in the future.

Please consider making a gift to the Tri Delta Foundation today.


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