News | October 29, 2018

As a premier women’s organization, Tri Delta is committed to providing relevant and intentional programs and resources to chapters and individual members. This is just one of the ways the organization strives to uphold our Purpose.

Tri Delta demonstrates a strong commitment to campus safety through member education. In 2015, Tri Delta partnered with Student Success, a provider of online sexual assault education and bystander intervention. Together with Student Success, Tri Delta now offers its members two powerful online programs, Clarifying Consent and Not Anymore.


Not Anymore is designed to serve collegiate members as part of Tri Delta’s broader member development initiative. The program features modules on consent, sexual assault, relationship abuse, bystander behavior and healthy relationships. In addition, Tri Delta has provided resources to help members extend the conversation about Not Anymore. The peer-led modules are found on the Resource Library > Member Development > Not Anymore.

Members who complete the completed pre and post-tests to measure the effectiveness of the program to examine the differences between members before and after completing the program. Our research shows that members who complete the programs demonstrate:

  • Increased problem-solving skills and ability to provide support.
  • Increased confidence in ability to intervene in situations where sexual or other interpersonal violence is occurring.
  • Increased frequency in communicating with a partner about sexual intentions and desires.
  • Increased personal responsibility for stopping sexual assault, dating violence and stalking.
  • More favorable attitudes about seeking counseling.

Clarifying Consent, a reality-driven refresher course, explores the concept of consent and its key role in a healthy relationships. Clarifying Consent is a supplement Not Anymore and provides relevant modules that educate members in a manner that is relatable, realistic and useful. The 25-minute online program features instructed education, scripted scenarios and personal testimonials. Modules cover important topics such as healthy relationships, respectful dialogue, consent and communication.

All members have access to the programs, which includes campus resources specific to the user. First-year members will specifically experience the Not Anymore online program between modules 2 and 3 of the New Member Education program.

Click here to login to the Not Anymore portal.


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