Heritage Society Spotlight: Jeanne L. Carlson
Foundation | October 4, 2018

Among the many ways to support Tri Delta is through planned giving. Some of our most dedicated members have made the steadfast commitment to remember the Foundation in their will or estate plan. These generous sisters are part of Tri Delta’s prestigious Heritage Society, sustaining our sisterhood for generations to come.

Jeanne L. Carlson, Ph.D., Oregon, was the first woman in her family to earn a college degree. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, Jeanne taught first grade in Portland, Oregon, before earning her Master of Science in counselor education. Later, Jeanne would return to school once again to complete her Ph.D. in counseling psychology.

Currently retired, Jeanne worked in private practice, day treatment programs, behavioral consultation, school psychology and counseling for more than 36 years.

An active Tri Delta alumna, Jeanne also became a member of the Heritage Society after making a planned gift to the Tri Delta Foundation.

Here is what she shared about the importance of giving back to Tri Delta:

Why is giving to the Foundation important?
The Tri Delta Foundation assists members of all ages – supporting collegiate chapters, facilitating alumnae groups, distributing scholarship funds, and providing assistance to members in need (Crescent and Trilogy funds). For me, contributions help me feel connected to the larger sisterhood, and are a joy to give.

What encouraged you to become a Foundation donor?
While a doctoral student, I was informed of a scholarship left by a Theta Delta member as a passing bequest. The Hazel D. Isbell Scholarship was designed to support members of Theta Delta Chapter as they faced the expenses of undergraduate or graduate education. As I considered returning to school for my Ph.D., I was daunted by giving up four years of salary while I would incur expenses of my education. I am so grateful that I was awarded the Hazel D. Isbell Scholarship twice during this period. I was similarly thrilled to be awarded two years of Portland, Oregon, Panhellenic Scholarship funds during my first two years of doctoral education. These two funds provided important support at a time of limited means. I also worked for the University of Oregon as a Graduate Teaching Fellow and managed to keep expenses survivable.

I have given back to each organization, but as I plan for my own bequests, I want to particularly support women obtaining the education my grandmother and my own mother never had the opportunity to complete. My career required each of the phases of completed degrees and earning of licenses, and all of the success I achieved is the result of having the privilege of obtaining excellent education. I hope to help Theta Delta members or other northwest area Tri Delta women to achieve their own college or graduate school dreams. Education changed my life. We know that there is an enormous advantage of having earned one or more degrees or programs of study post-high school. I’d like to help others to succeed.

What drew you specifically to planned giving and becoming a member of the Heritage Society?
When I first offered to assist by adding funds to the Hazel D. Isbell Scholarship, I learned that this fund was being awarded for the last time in 2018. As I spoke with Tri Delta Foundation officers, I learned that I could provide an annual scholarship to replace the Hazel D. Isbell fund, and that it could begin in my lifetime. I was excited by this idea and have decided to provide the funds to begin awarding a scholarship in 2019. Working together, we are structuring it to be available to either undergraduate or graduate students who are/were members of Theta Delta Chapter or another northwest area Tri Delta chapter. It’s really about giving back. This scholarship can do for other women what was done for me. Working it out with the Tri Delta Foundation was enjoyable, and I feel great satisfaction that financial help will be available soon.

Why would you encourage other Tri Deltas to consider planned giving?
I am enjoying having a say about the future. With Tri Delta and other organizations, I am making plans for benefits that will come after my passing as well as those I am able to bring forward now. When I am no longer here to provide assistance, my funds will facilitate ongoing support to organizations that matter to me and match my goals to make good things happen.

For information on giving to Tri Delta through your will or estate plan, please contact Tawnya Braeutigam at 817.471.1908 or via email at tbraeutigam@trideltaeo.org.




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