Heritage Society Spotlight: Mary Martha Stinnett
Foundation | July 20, 2017

Among the many ways to support Tri Delta is through planned giving. Some of our most dedicated members have made the steadfast commitment to remember the Tri Delta Foundation in their will or estate plan, and those who designate the Foundation in this way are recognized as members of our prestigious Heritage Society.

Mary Martha Gibson Stinnett, Southern Methodist, is a retired development director and tireless Tri Delta volunteer. She is also a member of the Tri Delta Foundation Heritage Society, donating to the Foundation through planned giving.

Here’s what she shared about the importance of giving back to the Foundation and leaving a legacy for future generations of Tri Deltas:

Why is giving to the Foundation important?

My husband, Ed, and I have always had a passion for helping organizations which show value and speak to the needs of the community. The Foundation rose to the top when we started reading and hearing the stories of my Tri Delta sisters who were helped by the Foundation. We wanted to offer our support also.

What encouraged you to become a Foundation donor?

As a development director at the University of Texas-Houston, I saw every day the needs of the students, both undergraduate and graduate. It became very clear to me that financial support was extremely needed — even life changing. I wanted to be a part of that life-changing support through Tri Delta.

What drew you specifically to planned giving and becoming a member of the Heritage Society?

“Tri Delta is for a lifetime.” And now that I have my Golden Circle pin, I realize that even more. How better to live into that statement than by making a planned gift that will help my sisters in the next generation and the following generation and all the generations to follow — continuing to “live it forward” for many generations to come. A living legacy one could say.

What legacy would you like to leave for future generations of Tri Deltas?

Of course, the financial help which a planned gift affords helps cement the future of Tri Delta and future Tri Delta generations. In addition, I would like to say to my future sisters that Tri Delta goes beyond the fun days as an active. The joy of moving to a new city and finding an alumnae group to join is so comforting. The excitement of meeting sisters from all over the Tri Delta world at Convention plus volunteering when needed helps keep one engaged and active in Tri Delta. I would like to leave a legacy not only of financial support through the Heritage Society but also of volunteering for Tri Delta — putting those skills which one learns as an active member to service for a lifetime of learning and leading.

Why would you encourage other Tri Deltas to consider planned giving?

It is so easy and helps so much. Simply call the Executive Office in Dallas at 817-471-1908 and ask for the Foundation Office. You will immediately feel the excitement and joy of helping sisters and making a living legacy — a gift in perpetuity which can be life changing for a sister. Please join me today in the Heritage Society! You will not regret it.

For information on giving to Tri Delta through your will or estate plan, please contact Tawnya Braeutigam at 817.471.1908 or via email at tbraeutigam@trideltaeo.org.


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